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From The Desk of : HP Software Company

About : There's no other software on the market or on the internet that comes close.

The software is really a one push button traffic generator with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You will also receive a serial number when your software and account is done and ready to be used.
This software deals with Traffic Exchanges and a few other traffic pulling websites and is second to none.

You'll open the software, type your serial number giving to you then you simply click the connect button.

That's it, your traffic will come in by the boat loads.
Every software is custom designed for the users account.







After starting the software you will need to enter your personal serial number, we'll provide you with after your order.
Click ok on the popup saying your serial number was accepted.
Now it's time to connect and market your website on the internet.
Let the software connect to our data base for advertising.
Once connected, the software is ready to start sending your site traffic.
Auto Credit V1 will now work around the clock for you 24 Hours a day on Auto-Pilot!



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Believe me this will be the only traffic generator you'll ever need for all of your businesses.

Your software will be designed to fit your account so after ordering, it could take up to two days before your software is ready to be used.

No Monthly Fees

Try Before You Buy

Web Traffic

The traffic is generated through a lot of different websites, one would be traffic exchanges and the rest is our secret.

Your URL's are limited to 2 websites because you don't want to spread your trafficlane to far on to many sites, if you at anytime would like to change your sites URL's you will need to contact us to do that.

Changing of the URL's could take up to a day so make sure you have the sites you want to promote and will not be changing soon.

Yes, you can include any affiliate URL, just not with Google AdSense, Porn, Website Rotators or Stoppable Popups.


NOTICE: We honor our 100% refund policy, if a refund is requested only your current month of service can be refunded.
Setup fees can not be refunded upon sign up or later on within your membership.

Earn 50% for every referred visitor who joins.
Affiliate members can use their unique referral code.

(Grab your links and start earning today!)

Affiliate Program details & Bundle Promotion Banners

AUTHOR : Dalelorenzo Johnson

Programmer and Webmaster over 10 years, also the founder and owner of

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