Things You Should Know Before Renting A Car & Driving In Morocco

Things You Should Know Before Renting A Car & Driving In Morocco

Renting A Car In MoroccoTips For Renting A Car In Morocco Morocco Driving Guide

Renting a auto in Morocco and driving yourself is a great way to experience this beautiful country. But there are a few circumstances you should know before you embark on a road trip.

When Anna and I were planning our first trip-up to Morocco together, we were initially hesitant about leasing a gondola to explore the country by ourselves.

Morocco has a bit of a stature for crazy driving( and moves !).

But the more we experimented, the more we recognized hiring a car in Morocco wouldn’t be as difficult as we supposed, plus it would save us a lot of money.

We love the freedom of road journeys and scheduling our own excursion schedules. Morocco is such a diverse country that it became impression to tariff a vehicle so we could stop anywhere exploring regional villages, mountains, and deserts at our own pace.

Here are some important tips-off we learned from our experience renting a vehicle in Morocco, to help you save money and bide safe while driving all over the country!

What To Know Before Renting A Car In Morocco Matt & Anna in MoroccoDriving in Morocco was Awesome! Should You Rent A Car In Morocco?

Hey, if you’re a fan of bus tours, by all means, become book one. It’s a respectable course to see Morocco if you don’t have a lot of time.

No planning , no driving, merely sit back and make someone else do all the work!

But if you’re like me, you prefer the challenges facing independent travel.

True adventure, with no prepare planned or timetable. Driving around Morocco with the freedom to stop anywhere fun you happen to find along the way.

If that’s the kind of traveler you are, leasing a gondola in Morocco is the way to go!

Just keep in mind that driving times in Morocco can be longer then Google tells you. It helps if you have someone else to split the driving with.

Another nice thing about having a car was the ability to store events in the stalk, so you can explore metropolitans with small daypacks rather than lugging around a beings backpack or suitcase.

How to Rent A Car in MoroccoStarting our Road Trip in Marrakesh Where To Rent Your Car In Morocco

The best place to book your gondola is Discover Car Hire. They probe both local and international gondola rental companies to help you find the best possible price. This is the easiest way to hire a gondola in Morocco.

We leased our automobile from the popular metropoli of Marrakech, taking a Southern road trip route towards Ouarzazate before pate on to Merzouga and the Sahara desert.

From the desert we drove North to the blue city of Chefchaouen for a few epoches, ultimately ending in Fez where we drooped off the car and flew out of the country. However there are many different types of routes you can take.

Camel Crossing Sign in MoroccoWhy Did the Camel Cross the Road? Car Rental Insurance In Morocco

Some of the rumors about driving in Morocco are true, and people can drive crazy now. That’s why I most recommend getting full insurance coverage.

Typically, rental autoes in Morocco come with a basic Conflict Damage Waiver( CDW ), but this isn’t exactly policy, and merely extends the car for up to 10,000 dirhams ($ 1000 USD) value of damage.

While you can often save money if you book your automobile with a credit card that includes car rental insurance, you Really need to read the fine print, because countless parties mistakenly assume their card extends them in Morocco.

If you get in a wreck driving in Morocco, rejected full coverage, and you suddenly learn your credit card doesn’t actually cover the damage — you’re shafted. I can’t tell you how many travel horror stories I’ve heard like this…

It’s why I frequently pre-book full coverage online for about$ 9 a period. It’s cheaper than at the counter — and then you won’t have to worry about coincidences at all!

Moroccan Road Trip in a Rental CarDriving through the Moroccan Desert How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Car In Morocco?

Renting a gondola in Morocco is going to cost you around $25 – $40 USD a date, depending on the type of car you get. Our 4 doorway sedan was about $30 per day.

I recommend lease a auto with an actual trunk( no hatchbacks) to hide your luggage from prying noses. It helps foreclose break-ins if thieves can’t see your stuff.

Gas( petrol) premiums in Morocco might seem inexpensive to Americans, but remember that the rest of the world paraphrases gas in Liters , not Gallons( 1 Gallon= 3.78 Liters ).

Currently, gas expenditures about$ 4 per gallon in Morocco. Remember that diesel vehicles are often cheaper in gas intake than regular gasoline too.

Age Requirements For Renting A Car

The minimum senility for driving in Morocco is 18 years old, however most car rental companies enforce their own age limit of 21 year olds to hire a car.

Cliff Overlook on Morocco Road TripStopping Anywhere is One of the Perks of Renting a Car Moroccan Driving Laws Tourists Should Know

The speed limits in Morocco are generally 60 kph in urban areas and 120 kph on highways. Police raced baits are very common, so pay attention to your speed.

I was actually gathered over for rush during our artery trip outside Ouarzazate, but they let me go after paying a small “fine”( bribe ?) of 150 dirhams( about $15 USD ).

You might also encounter the occasional police roadblock, but often they are only gesticulate sightseers through. Or they’ll simply ask you where you’re headed.

Moroccans drive on the right side of the road, just like in the United States. So you shouldn’t have any issues there( unless you’re British !).

International Driver’s License

No, you do not need an international driver’s license to drive in Morocco or payment a vehicle there. Just bring your passport, debit card, and your driver’s license from your home country.

Winding Roads in MoroccoSwitchbacks in the Atlas Mountains Tips For Driving In Morocco

Learn how to navigate the roundabout! Morocco is full of circuitous rather than stoplights, and if you’re brand-new to them, you might piss off the locals or come in a fender-bender.

Road traffic in Morocco comes in all types, sizes, and categories! Be prepared to dodge scooters, over-filled trucks, bus, bicycles, mules, sheep, camels, pedestrians, and more. It can be mayhem at times, especially in the cities.

Honking your horn in Morocco is a form of daily communication. It implies all sorts of things , not only” get out of my nature !” Honk to thank beings for letting you delivers, or to encourage camels to cross the road. Don’t be afraid of your tusk!

Avoid driving your rental car at night in Morocco. Street lighting is minimal, and artery brands can be too. Not to mention beings or animals abruptly appearing in the middle of the road.

Many Moroccans will use their turn signals to let you know when it’s safe to pass them. For instance, a big slow moving truck going uphill. They’ll affect their blinkers when the road is clear onward, so you don’t have to guess.

Car Rentals in MoroccoDriving in Morocco can be Hectic! Advice For Renting A Car In Morocco

Don’t diary a automobile without read the company recollects. You’ll meet spate of bad recollects for every company( parties love to complain online ), but try to pick one with the LEAST bad recollects. You may not always get the attain/ modeling/ type of car you booked. If they give you a smaller car, or a manual when you asked for an automated, be assertive and ask for an upgrade. Beware of inexplicable” cleaning fee” hidden fees. If it’s not in your contract, you don’t have to pay it. English is not spoken widely. You’ll have an easier time if “youre talking about” some French or Arabic. Communication isn’t inconceivable, but be patient. Inspect your vehicle completely and record video on your smartphone pointing out damage before “youre moving”. This is a backup if they try to charge you for impairment that was already there. Fee special attention to the interior extremely. A common rental car swindle is getting billed for” cigarette burns” on the seats — that they conveniently “forget” to distinguish on the original shattering assemble. Start sure your tank is full before you leave. Some car rental companionships in Morocco will start you with an empty-bellied gas container, forcing you to fill up immediately. Expend Google Maps on your smartphone for guidances. Bring your own hands-free adapter and buy an Moroccan SIM card at the airport.

Enjoy Your Moroccan Road Trip!

Exploring the small villages, concealed valleys, colorful mountains, and vast deserts of Morocco in a rental automobile was certainly the right choice for us.

Self-drive road jaunts get off the beaten track to see thoughts most people miss!

Check Car Rental Prices& Availability In Morocco Travel Planning Resources For Morocco Packing Guide

Check out my travel gear guide to help you start packing for your trip. Pick up a travel backpack, camera paraphernalium, and other handy movement accessories.

Book Your Flight

Find cheap flights on Skyscanner. This is my favorite search engine to find considers on airlines. Also make sure to read how I find the cheapest flights.

Payment A Car

Discover Car Hire is a great site for comparing gondola premiums to find the best deal. They scour both local& international rental companies.

Work Accommodation is my favorite inn search engine. Or fee suites from locals on Airbnb. Read more about how I notebook inexpensive inns online.

Protect Your Trip

Don’t forget travel insurance! I’m a big fan of World Nomads for short-term excursions. Protect yourself from possible gash& fraud abroad. Read more about why you should always carry advance guarantee.

Recommended Guidebook: Lonely Planet Morocco Suggested Reading: In Arabian Nights

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Renting a car in Morocco isn't as scary as it sounds if you follow my tips for a successful road trip.

Renting a car in Morocco isn't as scary as it sounds if you follow my tips for a successful road trip.


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Any questions about driving or hiring a car in Morocco? Are you planning a street expedition there? Drop me a letter in specific comments below!

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