The Top 14 Frugal Blogs To Help You Cut Your Spending

The Top 14 Frugal Blogs To Help You Cut Your Spending

auto credit v1Hey mamas!

Interested in starting a blog?

Here on Twins Mommy, I want to share with you successful and popular blogs from mommas like you.

They are all in different types of niches to help you see that it’s possible to make money with your fervours and hobby.

To help you, check out how these moms make money blogging 😛 TAGEND

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In this announce I want to share how you can start a frugal blog and how you are able to monetize it.

You might be scratching your principal and thinking- well if my gathering is coming to me for frugal living ideas to save money, why would they open their wallets and buy from me?

Well, I have some ideas to help you serve your gathering with money saving tips but also help you earn an income from it!

But, for now if you’re already a frugal party, starting a frugal live blog is a no brainer.

Why not share about how you meal plan to save money or accommodate your kids robes so your don’t have to buy them brand-new material each time they leant a small hole in their jeans?

There are plenty of beings out there that could use a little extra help study how to be a little more frugal.

Being self-employed and a father to twinneds, frugal living comes naturally to me.

But there are beings out there- brand-new categories, massive lineages, single moms- that need help budgeting and saving money.

So share your knowledge with the world and help others to start their frugal living outing!

How to Start a Frugal Living Blog

The first step is thinking about what you want to blog about on your new saving coin blog.

Even though frugal live is a blogging niche in and of itself, there are certain ways in which you can niche down even further to help find your core audience.

Your genuine devotees, so to speak.

Pinterest is a great way to start to drive freight to your blog when you have it up and running, so why not getting started?

Find Your Niche Topic

If you go to Pinterest and nature in “frugal living” Pinterest presents you with a entire list of options that people are actively searching for.

These include topics like 😛 TAGEND

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Frugal living for beginners, tips, with kids, groceries, recipes, hacks, and DIY, exactly to appoint a few.

So if any of these are something that you can write a lot about, then start there.

While you don’t inevitably need to niche down, it is a good idea when you are getting started. You can always expand from there later on, formerly you realize what your audience is looking for and actually experiences reading about.

For example, if you want to only blog about how to save money for sizable familes you are able to have categories on your blog like 😛 TAGEND

Meal ideas on the cheap Hacker to save money with a large family How to raise a large family on one income How to save hundreds by cutting costs

Another way to find your niche topic is to look at other bloggers in same niches.

What kinds of topics are they writing about?

How can you do those topics and write about them in a different way, in your own voice?

You don’t want to go around copying other bloggers, you time want to find out what kinds of topics that people are interested in reading about. This will then give you a good head start on the issues that you can and ought to be writing about.

When you know what is already favourite, that gives you an advantage. You want to be sharing information that people are interested in and that they want to read about , not just nonsense that you want to write about.

Look at This Tiny Blue House. Jenn decided early on to focus on creating big roll pole of frugal live tips.

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You can toot around and appreciate on her blog that she has a section on printables.

You can do a immediate SEO search on Ubersuggest to see if printables is a high-searched keyword.

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It is! If you are design savy you can create printables like a budgeting printable, calendar printables and more.

You can niche your part frugal living blog to providing this type of resource for your audience.

Once you have a good handful of blog berth themes( I would suggest 25 at minimum) it’s time to conclude your blog live so you can start get eyeballs on your articles.

Do Your Frugal Living Blog Live

Before you start publishing your blog content all over social media, you are required to a arrange for your content to live.

If you are planning to eventually make money from your blog, you need to self-host.

This simply means that you pay a company to host your blog rather than just it on a free platform.

The major benefits of this is that you have more limitation over all of your material and what you can do with it( like locating ads on your website ).

You can also have a normal sounding domain name, like rather than It is a much more professional highway to start your blog , not to mention, easier to say!

Most bloggers now commencing their blogs on WordPress (. org not. com ).

With, you purchase hosting and a domain name then install WordPress on your site. This is what gives you the ability to have a domain that does not include.

When it comes to hosting, I personally apply Bluehost.

They are a great hosting company that numerous top bloggers use to host their sites.

They have amazing customer service and can easily help you get set up, even if you are not a techie person. It is likewise very affordable to get started hosting your blog employing Bluehost, Twins Mommy readers even get a special discount.

Once you have purchased your hosting, subject, and have your blog all set up, you can easily start promoting it on your social media pulpits and start build a following.

Pinterest has been an important factor in structure my blog and rendering character congestion. I most suggest that you start there!

Top Frugal Living Blogs( You Should Be Reading)

Frugal living is all about finding ways to cut down on your overheads and save more fund. This can be anything from canceling unnecessary subscriptions to extreme couponing.

Living frugally is about getting the most out of your coin , not just about being cheap.

Here is a list of nine favourite frugal live blogs that will help you to cut your spending and construct your fund work harder for you.

1. The Penny Hoarder

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The Penny Hoarder is a huge blog that treats everything from frugal live, investing, and just about all else coin related.

Started by Kevin Taylor, The Penny Hoarder has grown into a big media company.

Their articles are written by a variety of contributing scribes and are often quick, easy, and instructive reads.

What I really like about The Penny Hoarder is even though they are a big media company with( I’m guessing) the thousands of writers, it still speaks like it’s your friend talking to you about things like, how to save on back to academy shopping and how to originate extra money selling your aged clothes.

2. Fun Cheap or Free

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Fun Cheap or Free is run by Jordan Page, the soul exclaimed fun cheap or free ruler, a spunky momma of soon to be 8( at the time of this writing she is currently pregnant with twins) where her blogs moto is “where frugal gets a facelift.”

Jordan has been featured in well-known indicates like, the Today Show, Rachel Ray, and Good Morning America.

Her blog initially started as a frugal live blog and has blossomed into a lifestyle blog over age, but she still offers some really great frugal living gratuities and maneuvers, specially when it comes to living frugally with such as enormous family.

3. Millennial Money Man

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Run by a former high school band director who paid off over $40,000 in student loans through line-up hustling, the Millennial Money Man( aka Bobby Hoyt) shares tips and pranks on how to save money, clear more money, and paying off debt.

He is no stranger to sharing his line-up hustle ideas and giving advice on how to pay of indebtednes without having to give up those little luxuries in life, like Starbucks!

4. Living Well Spending Less

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From founder Ruth Soukop Living Well Spending Less is so much more than a blog, to numerous, it’s a movement.

Ruth not only shares tips on frugal living and spending little, who lives well, she has also formed some quite nifty planners to help keep your life and your commerces organized.

5. The Daily Change Jar

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The Daily Change Jar is run by Keegan Kraemer, a frugal mama of 5 kids( and foster mom ).

She shares frugal live gratuities and spoofs as well as a good deal of frugal food referred recipes. Like Instant Pot recipes for beginners and frugal dinners for when you’re broke.

6. Money Saving Mom

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Run by Crystal Paine, she shares different gratuities and seminars on how to live frugally with a family on Money Saving Mom.

She also shares a lot of specific auctions and coupons, like certain playthings on sale at Target( immense for rate likenes while Christmas shopping ). If you are looking for a blog compressed with considers and giveaways, this is the site to be on.

7. The Krazy Coupon Lady

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This is another immense website for acquire specific deals for certain stores and tickets. If you are looking for the latest slews for back to institution or Christmas endowments, then The Krazy Coupon Lady “ve been a big” place to start.

They even offer an app to keep up to date with all the deals.

8. The Busy Budgeter

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An instructive blog run by Rosemarie Groner all about budgeting.

She has also been featured on some high level publishings, like Forbes, Country Living, and Entrepreneur. The Busy Budgeter isn’t just about budgeting, she also shares a good deal of immense gratuities on making money and unionizing your home without spending a lot to do it.

Rosemarie’s blog was also one of my first frugal living blogs I speak when I firstly started blogging!

9. The Frugal Convert

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Gina fees The Frugal Convert, a blog all about paying off debt and frugal living.

She is all about saving and frugality without having to give up actually living. She offers tips on how to save on your grocery invoice and coin skills that you should be teaching your kids.

10. Freebie Finding Mom


Kelli is the mom behind the Freebie Finding Mom.

Her frugal living blog is highly niched down to vouchers, copes, freebies, giveaways and more. If “youre using” a pinch and need to find the best copes on a make make sure to stay Kelli’s blog first!

11. Believe in a Budget

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I love Kristen’s blog and her story.

I’ve been a long-time book and subscriber of Believe in a Budget. Back in the day Kristen was a freelancer and when I started freelance writing I wanted to know all about how she oversaw her the enterprises and changed her income.

She has progressed to a trend author and VA teacher!

12. Life and a Budget

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I see Latoya’s pins everywhere mama! She is rocking it on Pinterest!

Life and a Budget facilitates women and pedigrees form better brides-to-be. Her blog is filled with helpful advice to help you save money during the holidays, when you work at home and more!

13. The Budget Mom

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Miko is behind the Budget Mom. She is an inspiration to all mummies! She struggled hard-boiled with saving coin and granting her lad “peoples lives” she urgently wanted.

She had to look internally and realize that she had the tools to do this, she simply needed a the push. Her blog shares her best tips to helps mom organize their finances and live “peoples lives” they want.

14. Frugal Confessions

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Amanda L. Grossman, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, is behind Frugal Confessions. Her work has been featured in Real Simple magazine, Woman’s World magazine, as well as at US News& World Report, Kiplinger’s, Business Insider, Lifehacker, and more!

I love how she writes in a relatable course so you feel like you can take her coin saving gratuities and actually do them. Her frugal living blog assistances CFOs( Chief FAMILY Officers) control their finances so they can save money and live life on their own terms.

How Frugal Living Blogs Make Money

There are several ways these favourite blogs are making an income.

traffic exchange softwareMany of them are using an ad agency like Mediavine to make money.

They place ads on their site and people who view their blog or berths intends the blogger deserves an income.

If you want to start using ads, here’s my guide on how to boost your income with your ads applying Mediavine.

Another way these frugal live bloggers are earning an income is through affiliate marketing.

They are sharing fund saving produces like Ibotta that helps their frugal audience, but likewise cures them!

Finally, another favourite style these bloggers give an income is with products.

These can be printables, eBooks, courses or masterclasses.

They create something to help their audience and since their gathering trusts the blogger behind the blog, the gladly will buy what they offer!

To help you grow that engagement on your blog, check out this affix!

There Ya Go!

Frugal living is one of the 8 most popular blog niches that I propose as a niche if you are serious about blogging.

If you are a saver, penny-pincher or love to find administers, you can start a frugal live blog!

Do you have a frugal living blog? Share it in the comments!

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