Smartphone Apps For The Visually Impaired

Smartphone Apps For The Visually Impaired

auto credit v1Smartphones have opened the door to a world-wide of possibilities, further than we could have ever imagined. While they are commonly used to communicate with others, keep abreast with social media, and play simple chores, smartphones have innovations that allow accessibility and functionality to the blind and visually impaired. With the aid of a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, the “blind” or visually impaired can virtually “see” and become more independent.

The critical built-in apps–meaning the apps that come pre-installed on your device–that make a smartphone a smartphone are the phone, contacts, docket, and verse messaging apps. There is also a web browser–Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android and an app you can use to access the storage where you can buy and download more apps. The storage is called ” App Store ,” on the iPhone and “Play Store” on Android manoeuvres. Because built-in apps are all quite accessible, utilizing these apps is a great way to perfect your knowledge with your device’s built-in touch-screen reader, which is called VoiceOver for iPhones and TalkBack for Android.

Believe it or not, your smartphone can help you accomplish tasks you may think you can’t do without vision. Listed below are smartphone apps that basically run like an extra pair of eyes.

LookTel: The Money Identifier Mobile App

LookTel Money Reader instantaneously recognizes currency and speaks the denomination, enabling people experiencing visual disorder or blindness to quickly and easily identify and count invoices. [ Learn More ]

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TapTapSee: Identify Objects Through Photos

TapTapSee is designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their everyday lives. Simply double sound the screen and take a photo of anything, at any angle. You’ll hear the app speak the identification back to you( Note: Expects VoiceOver to be turned on ). [ Learn More ]

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KNFB Reader App: Predicts Practically Any Text Aloud

The KNFB Reader converts published textbook into high-quality speech to provide accurate, fast, and efficient access to both single and multiple page documents with the tap of a button on the iPhone. [ Learn More ]

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Color ID Free: Discovers the Names of the Colors Around You

Color ID Free uses the camera on your iPhone to speak the names of colours in real-time. [ Learn More ]

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Blindsquare: Blind navigation- Changes lives

BlindSquare is the World’s Most Popular accessible GPS-app developed for the blind and visually impaired. It describes the environment, announces times of interest and street intersections as you walk. [ Learn More ]

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Seeing AI: Talking camera for the blind

Seeing AI is a free app that chronicles the world around you. Designed for blind people and low seeing community, this ongoing research project reins the superpower of AI to open up the visual nature and describe nearby parties, text and objectives. Optimized for abuse with VoiceOver, the app enables you to recognize: Short-lived Text- Speaks text as soon as it appears in front of the camera. [ Learn More ]

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Talking Calculator: Predicts answers, entered counts and formulae aloud.

Talking Calculator is designed for a broad range of users, this calculator has huge colorful buttons, optional high differ, full VoiceOver support, and unique to this calculator; the option to use speech for answers, button appoints and formulas! [ Learn More ]

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Be My Eyes: The One Everyone’s Been Talking About- People Helping People in Real-Time

Be My Eyes– Be the eyes for a blind party in need of help remotely through a live video tie “if you il” sighted or be assisted by the network of sighted useds if you are blind. [ Learn More ]

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We’ve scheduled a few cases of what we consider the must-have critical apps for your smartphone although we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Your phone can include any number of screens filled with apps. Although, you will spend most of your time on your Home screen–the firstly screen to appear when you power on your smartphone. Pick and try your favourites from the apps we’ve discussed here, and you’ll be astonished by just how handy that smartphone can be.

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