Homemade Heating Pad

Homemade Heating Pad

Rice and sock heat pad

Rice and Sock Heat Pad 2

Next time you have a sore neck or back, don’t reach for an electric heating pad. Instead, fill a sock with uncooked rice, bind the end and microwave it for two or three minutes for a homemade heating pad. I like this better than a heating pad, as it conforms to whatever body part that needs heat. You can even lay in some smells herbs like cinnamon or lavender to stir the homemade heating pad smell nice!

Need cold , not heat? Try this homemade ice pack hack .

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Milk Jug ScoopMilk Jug ScoopCut off the top of an empty gallon or half-gallon milk jug with sharp-witted scissors. It helps to draw the section boundary with a marker first. Clean up the part to make sure there are no abrupt or rough margins. Replace the pitcher detonator and you have a handy( and pretty much free) scoop for pet food, potting grime, etc. Remove the cover and you can use the scoop as a funnel!

See what you can do with a milk jug in the garden as well.

Organize Small Cords with Toilet Paper RollsOrganize Small Cords with Toilet Paper RollsTo stop small lines planned, try this handy hint: Fill a shoe chest with as numerous exhaust toilet paper rolls that will fit vertically; then plaza a single small rope in each tube. It’ll keep your cords free of morass and in one place.

Greenhouses from the Salad BarGreenhouses from the Salad BarReuse a plastic clamshell receptacle from the salad bar as a mini greenhouse for initiate seeds in the spring. After washing the container, pierce a few excavations in the top. Fill the bottom with potting clay and flora your seeds. Close the lid and region the container in a sunny discern. It acts like a mini greenhouse, countenancing the sunbathe to reach the floras while impounding in moisture.

Paper Towel Boot ShaperPaper Towel Boot ShaperInsert one or two empty paper towel buns inside each of your tall boots to help them keep their shape while in storage. When towering boots are back in season, you won’t have to spend time ironing out wrinkles.

Tin Can Glue Bottle StorageTin Can Glue Bottle StorageReuse a tin can for storing adhesive bottles upside down in your workshop . Then you won’t have to wait for the glue to slowly reach the top of the bottle in order to constrict it out–it’ll be ready to go when you contact for it.

Cardboard SawhorsesCardboard SawhorsesI use cardboard appliance boxes as collapsible sawhorses. They’re lightweight and abundance strong for many projects. They accommodate heavy workpieces like openings without wobbling and fold up flat in seconds. You can chip them to a comfortable labour meridian with a utility knife. — Guy Lautard

Plus: Savvy Sawhorse Tips.

Oil Change TroughOil Change TroughMake changing the petroleum in your lawnmower, snowthrower and outdoor machines less sloppy with this handy hint: Cut off a piece of an evacuate cereal carton and fold it into a trough . Then tip the machine and use the trough to guide the oil into the waste pan. The glossy coating on the cereal casket keeps the oil from soaking through.

Dish Soap Glue BottleDish Soap Glue BottleReuse an empty-headed dish soap container as a refillable glue bottle . The tiny sizing and screw-on top with attached cover are excellent for squeezing out lumber cement. Be sure to gargle the inside of the container completely( in particular the lid) and cause it dry fully before crowding it with glue.

Milk Jug Furniture MoversMilk Jug Furniture MoversWhen you have to move ponderous furniture on carpeting, don’t just lag it around. That’s hard-bitten on carpet and you might damage the furniture legs. Make the job easier with these homemade moving pads. Cut the bottoms off four plastic ocean or milk containers with a utility knife and remain each furniture leg on its own slider. The rounded, slippery undersides establish them perfect for furniture moving. Yes, you can buy fancier versions of these things–for 15 bucks or more! But these drive just as well, and best of all, they’re free!

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Pie Plate DustpanPie Plate DustpanCreate a quick expendable dustpan out of an aluminum pie plate . Use tin snippings or heavy-duty scissors to cut the pie plate in half. Sweep up the mess and toss it in the litter!

Paper Towel Roll Hanger HackPaper Towel Roll Hanger HackMake a hanger for storing your dress pants crease-free. Use scissors to cut open an empty newspaper towel roll. Slip the tube over the horizontal bar of the hanger and videotape “todays opening” closed .~ ATAGEND That’s it–no need to purchase expensive cushioned hangers!

Grass Seed BroadcasterGrass Seed BroadcasterWhen it’s time to clean out the refrigerator, be sure to save those plastic berry containers for repurposing meanings. You can toss the corny raspberries, but shower and baked the container–it’s perfect for spreading grass seed on your lawn!

Coffee CarryallCoffee CarryallYou can reuse those takeout coffee four-pack cartons. They’re made of stiff cardboard and proposal 3-1/ 2-in. -wide square bins for jumbo plastic boozing goblets. They’re handy storage spots for claws, fastens and other big trash.

I loaded my carryall with a 10 -year supply of four wordings of drywall fasteners–I ever needed here but can’t find them in my slew of surplus equipment. Heck , now that I think of it, I gotta head out for another four-pack of chocolate. I’ll be wired, but I’ll know where my cable spools are for years to come!

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Cardboard Drop ClothCardboard Drop ClothSave big cases of cardboard from chests that you bring into your dwelling. Store them along a wall in your garage or workshop so they’re at the ready when you’re working on a chaotic job such as refinishing furniture or changing the oil in your auto. A huge slab of cardboard makes a perfect expendable drop curtain.

Grocery Bag Shoe CoversGrocery Bag Shoe CoversReuse plastic grocery handbags as shoe coverings. The plastic continues grime and liquid contained, and the hold curves is also available tied around your ankles to keep them on when you step inside your house for a speedy smash.

Wine Cork Wobbly Table FixWine Cork Wobbly Table FixNext time you open a bottle of wine, save the cork! You can use a slice of synthetic cork to brace a wobbly table leg . Just mark the amount of cork needed, slice it off with a practicality bayonet and adhesive it in place.

Bread Tabs for Labeling CordsBread Tabs for Labeling CordsNot sure which cord goes with which electronic manoeuvre plugged into your supremacy strip? Save yourself the hassle of following the cord from the plugin to the device for each item you need to move by labeling them. Plastic bread tabs are excellent for labeling lines that are plugged into a strength divest because they’re sturdy, have enough room to write on and can easily clip around the plugin end of a line. Plus, they often come in different colourings. You’ll be able to easily identify and move your electrical manoeuvres.

Plus, learn how to use a Surge Protector for Electronic Device and picture why plugging your electronics into a surge protector is a smart-alecky direction to save money .

To-Go Coffee Cup to Water PlantsTo-Go Coffee Cup to Water PlantsUse a clean to-go coffee cup with a lid to water flowers . The depression in the lid is small, so water rains slowly. It’s especially useful for plants such as aloe vera and cacti, which don’t expect much water and are at risk of overwatering.

Reuse Nursery ContainersReuse Nursery ContainersPlastic nursery potties have so many operations that it’s a reproach to throw them away. Recycling them is good, reusing them is even better! You can save money gardening by reusing plastic nursery utensils and cellpacks to raise new floras. Larger receptacles can hold hand tools. Or remove the bottoms and target the toilets upside down around prized embeds that are prone to rabbit browsing, as seen here.

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Cardboard Spray BoothCardboard Spray BoothPrevent paint “overspray” with this clever spray booth made from a cardboard box. Cut a defect in the top of the box. Cover the opening with plastic wrap and rank a supermarket sun above to crystallize your programme. You can use coat hangers, protruded through the cardboard, to hold and revolve the objects as you’re painting them. Not simply will your patronize be neater, but your depict jobs will now be thumbprint free.

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Toilet Paper Roll Hair Band OrganizerToilet Paper Roll Hair Band OrganizerKeep elastic hair strips in one place–not sown in drawers or in the shower capsize or all over the storey. Slide them onto an exhaust toilet paper roll, which can then be neatly stowed into a drawer. The big cardboard tube keeps the circular hair accessories planned yet still easily available .

Plastic Bag DispenserPlastic Bag DispenserTo make it easy to pack and reuse plastic bags, make a dispenser from a discarded 2-liter soda bottle. Cut off the top and freighter with a razor bayonet. Trim any jagged margins so you don’t rupture the bags when you pluck them out, then fastened the dispenser to a cabinet door or closet wall( or fix with hook-and-loop tape ).

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Rx Bottle for Earplug StorageRx Bottle for Earplug StorageAfter losing the storage tube that his parcel of earplugs came with, Mike Yalch detected alternative solutions: an empty medicine bottle. It obstructs his hearing defence scavenge and on hand at all epoches, as the small container adjusts perfectly in his pocket.

Laundry Jug Watering CanLaundry Jug Watering CanInstead of throwing away empty laundry detergent receptacles, cleanse them out thoroughly and then recycle them for watering flowers. Drill 1/8 -in. excavations in the top of the cap, and a 1/2 -in. defect just above the direct to relieve pressure so the irrigate spurts freely.

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Paper Towel Roll Bag StoragePaper Towel Roll Bag StorageThere are many gives for plastic grocery pouches in the workshop. You can use them to seal up covers and rollers during a cover project, so you don’t have to wash so much stuff between coats. The stage is, it’s worth maintain a handful of plastic grocery purses on hand in the workshop, and here’s a great tip for accumulating them: Stuff as countless plastic grocery luggage as possible into an empty paper towel wheel. Then threshes the roll in a drawer or cabinet. The cardboard tubing keeps the containers contained, and it’s easy to pull one out at a time when you need it.

Check out more dwelling spoofs employing cardboard tubes .

Egg Carton Painting PropsEgg Carton Painting PropsKeep a few empty egg containers with the rest of your painting gives. They’re great for hoisting a small project off of a employment surface, attaining it easier to cover crevices and chinks and along the base of the project.

Six-Pack Shop OrganizerSix-Pack Shop OrganizerSix-pack containers are useful for placing and transporting pieces like spray paint, lubricants and caulk. — Gerald Fitzgibbon

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Tin Can Water Bottle HolderTin Can Water Bottle HolderKeep cold water within reach when mowing the lawn on sizzling days. Simply attach an evacuate( and clean) tin can to the handle of your walk-behind mower working zip ties. Be sure to select a can that is large enough to fit your water bottle!

Better Bucket StorageBetter Bucket StorageStacked 5-gallon containers fit together so tightly that it’s almost impossible to pull them apart. Prevent the problem by place a large plastic pop bottle( with top on) or milk jug between each pair of buckets. You can still nest the buckets together, but they won’t stick together anymore.

Here are 17 more nifty ways to store tools.

Paper Towel Cord StoragePaper Towel Cord StorageGive empty paper towel rolls brand-new life as line wranglers. Fold small-scale extension lines neatly before worsening them into their own individual storage sleeve. You can even label the ropes by corresponding on the cardboard.

Be safe and learn How to Prevent Electrical Overloads!

Plastic Bag HolderPlastic Bag HolderAn empty rectangular tissue box makes a convenient holder for small-scale garbage bags, plastic grocery pockets and big rags. Simply thumbtack it to the inside of a cabinet door. It’s one of our favorite kitchen storage sentiments.

Recycle Peanut Butter JarsRecycle Peanut Butter JarsPlastic peanut butter flasks do better for storage than glass babe meat containers since they were nursed a lot more hardware and won’t break into shards if you descent one. Attach the eyelids of 28 -oz. flasks under a shelf with two shafts( so the lid can’t spin when you tighten the pot) and shafted on the loaded receptacle. For speedy access, cut away half of a 64 -oz. peanut butter jar with a sharp practicality spear, leaving the neck intact, then fix the lid and cup to the side of cabinet ministers. If you load it with lemon removes, we won’t tell.

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