Class is in Session with The Sims 4 Discover University

Class is in Session with The Sims 4 Discover University

SummaryEnroll your Sims in higher education today! Despite all the fun activities on campus, your Sim’s first priority should be classes if they want to succeed in their future careers.Experiment with your Sim’s personal formulation, from new penetrates and styles to university swag they can get from the campus kiosks.

Welcome to The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack , now available on Xbox One! Now that you’ve signed up for courses in the city of Britechester, it’s time to learn about all the opportunities of university life. After all, college is about more than merely academics–even though those are important too.

Choosing a School

With two reputable institution options to choose from, Sims can’t go wrong as they start their educational journey. The stately University of Britechester is particularly known for molding students into smart, well-rounded Sims ready to face the world’s challenges, offering a various forms of unit footpaths strongly focused on the arts and humanities. If your Sim is more tech-inclined, the modern Foxbury Institute boastings impressive facilities as well as both episodes and distinguished severity curricula geared toward science and technology.

Academic Rigor

Despite all the fun undertakings on campus, your Sim’s first priority should be first-class if they want to succeed in their own future careers. Choose from a range of possible degrees–like Art History, Biology, Drama, or Villainy, for example–and make sure Sims go to their castigates, prep for lectures, and finish all their homework. If they’re struggling, perhaps using them to join a study group.

The Sims 4 Discover University

Living Situations

Whether your Sims opt to live on campus in a dorm or commute in from dwelling, you can explore and embellish with batch of brand-new college swag. Make it a haven for studying or the distinguish to be for nightly hangouts with posters, mini-fridges, and healthy amounts of university-themed pride. Just make sure you get along with your roommates if you have them or things could get awkward!

Getting Around

Bicycles are here! Your Sim can pedal around campus to explore all their new alma mater has to offer, from the student commons to the library. Bikes are especially supportive when your Sim is running a little late for class and needs to kick it into gear to save their grades!

On-Campus Activities

There are plenty of brand-new experiences on the horizon for your Sims! While professors are important( no slacking if you want to remain in academy !), it’s also good to have fun and learn things outside of the classroom too! Check out all of the various teams on campus, from the Bot Savants and the Brainiacs at Foxbury Institute to the Debate Guild and Art Society at U of B. Unofficially, your Sims can challenge their classmates to some juice pong at a party, attempt a barrel stand, or participate in the hot clas strife with some unruly shenanigans and escapades. If none of that is up your Sim’s alley, maybe they want to investigate the rumors about any particular secret society…

The Sims 4 Discover University

Scholarly Style

College is all about trial and error–including stylish nighttimes out and the next-day fashion cataclysms that are consistent with. Experiment with your Sim’s personal phrase, from new perforates and styles to university swag they can get from the campus kiosks. It’s the perfect time to explore the way they present themselves to the world.

Money Matters

It might be crass to discuss it, but it’s a real concern for university students! How are your Sims planning to pay for their future? Check out the grants and concessions awarded for sportings and academics alike, or take out student loans if they need to wait until after graduation to start paying it back.

Don’t be afraid to push your Sim’s restrictions, in the library and at the liquor pong table. Take chances and satisfy new people, invest in your Sim’s future, master all the necessary skills, and above all, explore who your Sims are–and who they want to be. Any university experience is possible now. Ready to start creating those remembrances for your Sims? The Sims 4 Discover University Expansion Pack is available on the Microsoft Store.

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