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3 Reasons Your Company Should Hire Risk-Takers

Does taking risks scare you? To an extent, maybe it should – fear is a built-in mechanism warning our bodies that something may not be right. On the other hand, what if this mechanism was just another obstacle to hurdle on the path to success?

In recent years, companies have been gravitating away from the head-down, direction takers and instead moving towards those willing to take matters into their own hands. While it may cause CEOs and leaders to step out of their comfort zones, here are three reasons why your company should be embracing the “risktakers” these days: 

Out of The Box Thinking

“Companies need fire starters – the people willing to ignite a different kind of conversation,” an executive with S&P 500 company recently said to me. To his point, it’s the employees willing to avoid the normal courses of action to arrive at a new way of thinking and success. Those confined to standard methods will hardly see the same growth as those willing to think and operate outside the box.

Untapped Creativity

The risktakers within a company offer another advantage necessary for growth and continued success: creativity. With the rush of millennial employees to the workforce, creativity is being expressed through non-traditional techniques as the most tech-savvy generation paves the way. The surge of tech savvy and skilled team members is helping to tap into a new outlet for those in various company departments, such as marketing and design. 

High-Achieving Team Players

For those that associate an adventurous employee with poor decision making and an inability to work as a team, you may be pleasantly surprised; the freedom created from that type of culture helps people to be either team players or mavericks- and both are beneficial for the company. Sometimes the employees break into inspire teams working towards a common goal, while sometimes it’s a singular effort on the part of an employee that has a vision and runs with it.

Even the leadership teams take their cues at times from the risk-takers in the company, understanding that “there are times to support from above and times to follow from behind.” It’s an often-overlooked quality of management to truly recognize the momentum of an employee and allow the space to let what is happening evolve. After all these employees were hired for a reason, so micromanaging would be a disservice to all involved.

For every risk-taker hired, inevitably there will be others who do not share that adventurous spirit – and that’s exactly as it should be. Ultimately, it’s about creating a culture rich with balance and acceptance for employees who bring their own individual skillsets and strengths to the table – and the results that come from each of them.

See How Dynamic Text on a Landing Page Helped Increase Conversions by 31.4% [A/B Test Reveal]

a/b testing with ConversionLab

Pictured above: Rolf Inge Holden (Finge), founder of ConversionLab.

Whether your best ideas come to you in the shower, at the gym, or have you bolting awake in the middle of the night, sometimes you want to quickly A/B test to see if a given idea will help you hit your marketing targets.

This want to split test is real for many Unbounce customers, including Norway-based digital agency ConversionLab, who works with client Campaign Monitor.

Typically this agency’s founder, Rolf Inge Holden (Finge), delivers awesome results with high-performing landing pages and popups for major brands. But recently his agency tried an experiment we wanted to share because of the potential it could have for your paid search campaigns, too.

The Test Hypothesis

If you haven’t already heard of San-Francisco based Campaign Monitor, they make it easy to create, send, and optimize email marketing campaigns. Tasked with running especially effective PPC landing pages for the brand, Finge had a hypothesis:

If we match copy on a landing page dynamically with the exact verb used as a keyword in someone’s original search query, we imagine we’ll achieve higher perceived relevance for a visitor and (thereby) a greater chance of conversion.

In other words, the agency wondered whether the precise verb someone uses in their Google search has an effect on how they perceive doing something with a product, and—if they were to see this exact same verb on the landing page— whether this would increase conversions.

In the case of email marketing, for example, if a prospect typed: “design on-brand emails” into Google, ‘design’ is the exact verb they’d see in the headline and CTAs on the resulting landing page (vs. ‘build’ or ‘create’, or another alternative). The agency wanted to carry through the exact verb no matter what the prospect typed into the search bar for relevance, but outside the verb the rest of the headline would stay the same.

The question is, would a dynamic copy swap actually increase conversions?

Setting up a valid test

To run this test properly, ConversionLab had to consider a few table-stakes factors. Namely, the required sample size and duration (to understand if the results they’d achieve were significant).

In terms of sample size, the agency confirmed the brand could get the traffic needed to the landing page variations to ensure a meaningful test. Combined traffic to variant A and B was 1,274 visitors total and—in terms of duration—they would run the variants for a full 77 days for the data to properly cook.

To determine the amount of traffic and duration you need for your own tests to be statistically significant, check out this A/B test duration calculator.

Next, it was time to determine how the experiment would play out on the landing page. To accomplish the dynamic aspect of the idea, the agency used Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement feature on Campaign Monitor’s landing page. DTR helps you swap out the text on your landing page with whatever keyword a prospect actually used in their search.

Below you can see a few samples of what the variants could have looked like once the keywords from search were pulled in (“create” was the default verb if a parameter wasn’t able to be pulled in):

A/B test variation 1
A/B test sample variation

What were the results?

When the test concluded at 77 days (Oct 31, 2017 —Jan 16, 2018), Campaign Monitor saw a 31.4% lift in conversions using the variant in which the verb changed dynamically. In this case, a conversion was a signup for a trial of their software, and the test achieved 100% statistical significance with more than 100 conversions per variant.

The variant that made use of DTR to send prospects through to signup helped lift conversions to trial by 31.4%

What these A/B test results mean

In the case of this campaign, the landing page variations (samples shown above) prompt visitors to click through to a second page where someone starts their trial of Campaign Monitor. The tracked conversion goal in this case (measured outside of Unbounce reporting) was increases to signups on this page after clicking through from the landing page prior.

This experiment ultimately helped Campaign Monitor understand the verb someone uses in search can indeed help increase signups.

The result of this test tell us that when a brand mirrors an initial search query as precisely as possible from ad to landing page, we can infer the visitor understands the page is relevant to their needs and are thereby more primed to click through onto the next phase of the journey and ultimately, convert.

Message match for the win!

Here’s Finge on the impact the test had on the future of their agency’s approach:

“Our hypothesis was that a verb defines HOW you solve a challenge; i.e. do you design an email campaign or do you create it? And if we could meet the visitor’s definition of solving their problem we would have a greater chance of converting a visit to a signup. The uplift was higher than we had anticipated! When you consider that this relevance also improves Quality Score in AdWords due to closer message match, it’s fair to say that we will be using DTR in every possible way forwards.”

Interested in A/B testing your own campaigns?

Whether you work in a SaaS company like Campaign Monitor, or have a product for which there are multiple verbs someone could use to make queries about your business, swapping out copy in your headlines could be an A/B test you want to try for yourself.

Using the same type of hypothesis format we shared above, and the help of the A/B testing calculator (for determining your duration and sample size), you can set up some variants of your landing pages to pair with your ads to see whether you can convert more.

ConversionLab’s test isn’t a catch all or best practice to be applied blindly to your campaigns across the board, but it could inspire you to try out Dynamic Text Replacement on your landing pages to see if carrying through search terms and intent could make a difference for you.

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Not going to happen.

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Apply Big Data to Create Irresistible Customer Experiences

In 2013, research by Walker predicted that by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the main differentiator. While most organizations and marketers have prioritized customer experience as top business priority for a few years now, they don’t always know how to get customer experience right.

Marketers who are delivering optimal customer experience know that data is king. To truly understand your customer requires collecting, analyzing, understanding and using customer data to help deliver that personalized experiences to win customer loyalty.

While big data and data analytics are a part of almost everything we as marketers do today, both are still overhyped and misunderstood. In our hyper-connected world, it’s amazing how disconnected our approaches to serving our customers has become. Many organizations have still not figured out how to create clean, powerful linked data assets.

But big data alone does not solve problems. Rather, you need to have a problem to solve first. That is why so much data goes unused. You can’t just pick up the phone and buy big data analytics. That’s just not how it works.

At Oracle, we’re leveraging big data technologies to enable marketers to use data more effectively to solve the challenges they have with improving the customer experience. We’ve leveraged the Hadoop ecosystem and built a platform specifically for the purposes of digital analytics and optimization. We call this marketing analytics platform Oracle Infinity™.

Our new eBook, “Irresistible Customer Experiences” digs into how Oracle Infinity™ helps digital marketers leverage data to optimize customer experience in terms of these six key areas:

  1. Real time, All the Time: To satisfy the agile needs of the business, all data must be available in real time by default.
  2. Unlimited Scale and Flexibility: An analytics solution must be built from the ground up with big data technologies to handle the inevitable scale that Internet of Things (IoT) will demand.
  3. Individual Level intelligence: Oracle Infinity provides a unified and intuitive user experience to support completely different tasks, roles and people – making it easy to learn and manage.
  4. Accuracy at Scale: Analytics data must advance beyond approximate trends to an accurate source of digital performance that is trusted by the business for decision making
  5. Cross-Channel Insights: Collect and connect all customer brand engagement regardless of any connected device.  The ability to collect and connect all customer engagement data is key in transforming your marketing from a series of independent interactions with a “visitor” to a single conversation with an “individual.”
  6. Data activation and Openness: Analytics data should be open and available for easy extraction and integration into your marketing ecosystem.

The eBook explains each of the above 6 areas in detail, providing relevant use cases for marketers and analysts, the current challenges with today’s technologies and how Oracle Infinity™ solves them. We’ve also outlined a set of questions that you may want to consider when researching digital analytics vendors.

Click here to download your copy of the eBook “Irresistible Customer Experiences.”

Want to learn more about how Oracle Infinity works?

Join us at Modern Customer Experience 2018. Hear from Steve Earl and other Oracle executives and thought leaders at ModernCX. Here are all the Infinity Breakout Sessions at ModernCX:

Register for Modern Customer Experience 2018 here.

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