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Internet Marketing Master’s Degree

Internet Marketing Master’s Degree They have literally aided 1000’s make money online with Wealthy Associate membership and also their other online marketing publishings. Instead of charging hundreds or thousands …

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How to Break Down Your Big Idea and Make Your Next Move

You know when you get a Big Idea for a project that lights you up and derails your to-do list for the day? It could be a content series or a whole new business concept. You might even spend a few hours writing down why you’re qualified to do it and who it will help.
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Internet Marketing Company New York

Internet Marketing Company New York The first thing I did after I made a decision to sign up with Affluent Affiliate was I started the 8 week activity plan. …

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Be A Graphics Designer | Make Money Online Doing Graphics Design | Bangla Tutorial

Be A Graphics Designer | Make Money Online Doing Graphics Design | Bangla Tutorial Hello Guys Today i will show you a screate site which name is This site …

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Smart1 Marketing and Team Up to Help Small Businesses with Video

Smart1 and Slidely Partnership to Help Small Businesses with Video MarketingSmart1 Marketing recently announced it has partnered with global visual content platform Slidely to provide “high-end, cutting edge video ad resources” to small businesses. Now small businesses without the budget or the know-how to execute an effective video marketing campaign can secure and harness the power of affordable, high quality video to drive their online, digital marketing efforts.

Smart1 and Slidely Partnership

“Through our partnership with Slidely, we’re providing wide-stretching access and leveling the playing field for digital promotion,” Smart 1 Marketing CEO Todd Swickard said in a statement. “Video ads get the best results, by far, and a larger return on investment, but securing good video content for ad campaigns has traditionally given an unfair advantage to bigger companies because of the high cost until now. Smart1 is one of just a handful of digital marketing providers that will have unrestricted access to millions of videos, music and photos through Slidely to create professional, high-quality, attention grabbing campaigns that draw eyes and dollars to small businesses at a price they can afford.”

In the past few years, video has grown significantly online, quickly surpassing other formats in digital marketing when it comes to consumer engagement. Today, more than 85 percent of U.S. visitors watche online videos and more than half of the video content is viewed on mobile devices, the Ohio-based digital marketing and advertising strategies firm and Slidely, maker of video creation solution PROMO, say.

Small businesses and marketers who use video and adapt it for optimal playback on mobile grow revenue nearly 50 percent faster than non-video users, noted Slidely whose PROMO tool helps businesses create video ads it says can compete with the big brands. By 2019, the visual content platform with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel says internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

“Through strategic partners like Smart1, we can ensure more businesses are leveraging our resources backed by a targeted strategy and digital marketing plan that helps drive their business,” said Slidely Founder and CEO Tom More.

Smart1 Marketing

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Internet Marketing Features

Internet Marketing Features The Wealthy Affiliates never ever recalled and have actually spent a mixed One Decade making millions on line as affiliate marketing professionals. While doing so they …

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Stuck on Autopilot? Ask These 9 Questions to Shift Gears

Some of my favorite childhood memories are centered around drives with my father. What always surprised me was that sometimes those drives would last for hours and other days they would be relatively short, even if the destination was the same. It took me a decade to realize that the days the journey was shorter, my father knew where he was going.  

For many of us, driving becomes second nature, we switch on autopilot in our minds and zone out until we reach our destination. Sometimes entire organizations can get stuck on autopilot. But are we missing shorts cuts? Wasting time dealing with roadblocks that could have been avoided? It is easy to keep chugging along, business as usual, but sometimes we need to ask ourselves some tough questions in order to snap out of a rut and discover a more direct route to our destination.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to visit an exceptionally fast paced, growing, and engaged airline company. Our visit was centered around accountability, fulfilling on promises, and helping the organization demonstrate value from their technology investment. Sound familiar? What I found remarkable about the organization was that they didn’t lack desire, internal alignment, executive-level buy-in or focus. They simply did not know where their focus should lie.

So, why do we need to stay awake at the wheel? We need to avoid the dreaded “red zone” (or however your organization classifies this). It is the point when a misalignment of brand promise has occurred by either the people involved, the process, or the technology involved. I’ve come across this issue many times and as I observe, actively listen, and understand the people and businesses in front of me. I challenge myself and my customers to ask this set of questions. I encourage you to do the same. The smart ones tend to ask these before they see red!


Do I have the right team in place?
Has turnover impacted my ability to be successful?
Are my vendors and partners true partners vested in our success?


Do we have a plan for success?
Is this documented and at the heart of how we operate?
Have we instilled accountability at all levels of the process?


Can the technology meet our business requirements?
Will the technology be able to scale as we grow?
Does the technology vendor or identified partners deliver services and support on the brand promise?

If you’ve recently undergone a technology investment or if you’ve been on autopilot for years – challenge yourself with the questions above. Self-reflection can be difficult, but also enlightening, or a reinforcement that you are one the right track.

Just as having the right GPS is essential when driving, having the right technology stack for your company and business plan is key to your success. With an ever growing number of technology vendors, it is can be easy to get lost or overwhelmed when trying to select the right solution. The MarTech landscape is in seemingly constant flux, Download The Guide To Building Your Marketing Technology Stack for navigational tips on how to select the most effective marketing solution for your organization. 

Internet Marketing Ideas

This video is about Internet Marketing Ideas! Learn more about Internet Marketing Ideas by watching and taking notes. Click Here for more information: source

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An Interview With Loren Baker: Our Internet Marketing Predictions for 2018

Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, joins us for another awesome episode of the SEO podcast. Catch up on the latest episodes of the SEOPodcast with your hosts, Chris …

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Mr X Internet Marketing

Mr X Internet Marketing Part-time or a Full-time revenue can be had by any person that has the wish, motivation and also the drive to find out the basics …

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Make Money Online Without Investment l Earn Money Every 10minutes l Work Form Home !! Telugu

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LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Recommend Your Friends and Colleagues for Skills #bu…

LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Recommend Your Friends and Colleagues for Skills #business #LinkedIn #article Source by pagepath Like this: Like Loading… Related Tags: And, friends, A, link, Bus, Business, …

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Ask a Small Business Financing Expert: Managing a Staffing Company

Staffing companies, particularly those with a strategic niche such as IT, medical, industrial or warehouse staffing, are positioned to thrive in the current business environment, which supports outsourcing employees rather than bringing full-time employees on board.

As I work with a variety of small and midmarket businesses, including staffing companies, one question I often hear is how business owners can successfully manage and finance growth. Here are four insights to help your staffing company thrive.


Editor’s note: Looking for a business loan? We can help you choose the one that’s right for you. Use the questionnaire below to have our sister site, BuyerZone, provide you with information from a variety of vendors for free:



1. Planning ahead

The business plan you used to launch your staffing company may not be right for you now. Evolving market conditions require business owners to revisit and update business plans regularly. As your staffing company grows, your strategy needs to evolve to accommodate your new circumstances. Case in point: as your business matures, you will likely shift your focus from winning new customers to maximizing growth organically with existing customers.

2. Leveraging new tools and technology

Staffing companies use a variety of tools and technology to streamline communications, improve productivity, and search for job candidates and clients. By replacing cumbersome spreadsheets and paper resumes to communicate more efficiently with candidates, business owners can ensure more effective client relationships. Most high-growth companies use a customer relationship management (CRM) system. If you’re not familiar with CRM, this tool can help you regulate how everyone at your staffing firm communicates with candidates and clients, which helps foster relationships and ultimately increase sales.

3. Managing cash flow and payroll

Staffing companies are all too familiar with the pressures of cash flow, particularly as business owners pay employees while waiting extended periods for clients to pay on contracts. Finding the right financial partner will be key to survival, especially when you want to take advantage of a growth opportunity. To ensure you can manage cash flow and payroll, let’s consider three options:

  • Traditional commercial banks can be a source of funding, but business owners must be prepared for the rules that go with those loans. Banks tend to be stringent in looking for good credit scores, dependable cash flow and collateral that might include personal guarantees. A great banking relationship is important, but there are alternatives if you are not finding a partner that can help in the short term.
  • Community banks and credit unions are another option. These institutions may be more flexible, because the lenders are more likely to know business owners ahead of time. The track record and character issues have already been set, which could make up for shortfalls in other areas, like cash flow and collateral.
  • Alternative lending in the form of staffing factoring is a lesser-known tool that can provide access to working capital when banks and other funding sources are limited or too restrictive. Traditional factoring, or invoice financing, works on an invoice-by-invoice method that can be costly. However, some factoring companies offer a factoring product that works like a revolving line of credit, using a pool of accounts receivable as the collateral to establish a borrowing base. Businesses can tap into their lines of credit on an as-needed basis. This type of factoring can be less costly, as you only pay for what you borrow.   

4. Welcoming change 

Contentment can be a threat to a high-growth business. Revisiting your business plan allows you to assess market conditions and identify any number of actions, such as upgrading technology, renegotiating contracts, ramping up marketing efforts, or expanding your team with trusted new hires.

Running a staffing company isn’t easy, but there are countless resources and tools at your fingertips. I advise business owners to find a handful of trusted advisors and, when needed, a financial partner who will work in your best interest to provide stability during periods of growth and transformation.


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Getting Started with Defining Your Ideal Client

Getting Started with Defining Your Ideal Client written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

If you loved this podcast and post check out our Ultimate Guide to Small Business Marketing Strategy

Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch About Defining Your Ideal Client

Let me ask you this, if you have clients, and had the chance, right now, to chuck them all, and be able to go out there and say, “I can work with anyone I want to work with,” would you still be working with who you’re working with today?

Experience tells me that you would say, maybe some, but probably not all. That comes from the feeling that anybody who buys what you do, or anybody who needs the products that you make or sell is an ideal client.

What you have to do in order to get your marketing strategy started, is you have to think about how you can narrowly define your ideal client.

  • What do they look like?
  • What are their problems?
  • How do they want to be served?
  • What do they think value is?

I’m going to talk a little more about each of those, but you have to get to the point where you are so sure about how to describe that ideal client, that you are also defining who your ideal client is not.

Let’s say I wanted to refer business to you, whatever your business is. I’ve got friends, neighbors, and colleagues that need what you do, and so I came to you and said, “Hey, I want to send some folks your way, I really love what you’re doing.”

How would I spot your ideal client? Think about that. That is one of the greatest places to start when you’re thinking about how to narrowly define your ideal client is if somebody came to you and said, “Okay, how would I spot that person?”

Could you define and describe all the characteristics of your ideal client in a way that I’m going to say, “Oh, okay, yeah, I know a couple people like that.”

That’s what you’re really after.

Finding your ideal client

It’s really important that you develop the habit of understanding who it is that you’re going after, identifying them, and building your entire business around attracting them.

You may get lucky and be able to define them quickly, but what I’ve experienced is that you start with a hypothesis, and over time, if you pay attention, you’ll learn who you like working with.

Your ideal client will find you, partly because of how your business evolves, because of how your messaging gets tighter, and because of the results you’re getting for people like them.

If you’re just starting you don’t have to have the answer to who your ideal client is.

You have to have an idea, and you have to try to prove that hypothesis, but mainly you have to pay attention, because I know a lot of people that have decided that they love working in certain industries, or in a certain niche, and they had no idea they would, it just found them.

They started working with a couple clients like that, and they discovered what they really enjoyed doing.

So what if you do have clients and still haven’t defined this idea of an ideal client? Take a look at the stratifying of your current client base.

What I mean by that, is rank each client by profitability.

When I do this with people, I often help them discover that there is work that they’re doing, or segment that they’re serving or a product or service that they are still engaged in that maybe they did when they started, but it’s not something they focus on anymore because it’s not really profitable.

What I find happens, is that a lot of businesses don’t realize that there are certain segments of their market or their community or certain demographics that they do most of their business in.

That’s step number one.

Focusing on the customer experience

Step number two is this idea of actually looking at those folks that refer you today.

What I found is your most profitable clients who also refer you, typically do so because they were the right fit, they had the right problem, they went after the right service, they really engaged and they allowed you to do the work that you knew you needed to do.

Consequently, they were profitable. They’re also referring you because they like you, they like doing business with you, and they like your people.

Typically if people have a great experience, they’re going to be more inclined to refer you.

What are the common characteristics of your most profitable clients who also refer you today?

What I want you to do is think about more narrowly defining who makes an ideal client for you based on that discovery, or based on the fact that you did some analysis on your current customers.

This doesn’t mean you’re never going to serve anybody else, but it does need to become the filter where you go out, and you start prospecting and where you change your messaging to attract that ideal client, client niche, or those industries that you specialize in.

Because there is a real practical reason for this, you’ve already decided, or determined that they make an ideal client based on profitability and referral, but there’s also an expectation, that once you start narrowly defining who makes an ideal client for you, you can then go to work on more narrowly defining what their problem is, and your promise to solve that problem.

Solving your ideal client’s problems

People aren’t looking for our products and services, they’re looking to get their problems solved. The person who can define the problem the best quite often is not only the one that gets the business but in many cases is paid a premium as well.

This is a very practical reason to narrowly define your ideal client.

The primary reason people don’t do it, is that they fear that they’re going to turn potential business away, and I get that in the beginning certainly, but over time, you’re going to discover that turning that business away is the most profitable thing that you can do.

Narrowly defining your ideal client

Defining your ideal client starts with things like:

  • Demographics
  • Businesses
  • If you’re working with individuals
  • Age

Those are the kinds of things that a lot of people go towards when it comes down to narrowly defining their audience. Those are important, but I want you to think about three specific categories.

In regards to your clients, you’re going to have must-have, nice-to-have, and ideal. Those are your three categories.

The Must-Have

In my case, my must-have is a client has to be a small business owner. You must have the budget to afford what you sell, or what, in my case, what I sell. You must have the decision-making ability.

From there you can get into breaking down the types of businesses, and other requirements that you put into the must-have category.

The Nice-To-Have

The next one is nice-to-have. Again, in my world, if a business owner has a marketing person internally, they may not be a strategic marketing person, but if they at least have somebody that is doing Facebook for them or doing the newsletter for them, that is a great nice-to-have, because I can actually add even more value by helping them manage that person. Once I get through the must-haves, then I start looking at nice-to-haves.

The Ideal-To-Have

Ideal starts to get into more of behavior. For example, the owner participates in their industry, they are active on their board, and they are very interested in having other outside professionals other than marketing.

If I’m starting to describe my ideal client, those are the things I want to break it up into. Those must-haves are deal breakers. If they don’t fit in the must-haves you don’t talk to them.

The nice-to-haves are the ones that you’re going to put in a little extra effort to try to build a relationship or to try to get in front of, and then if you’ve got some of the ideal-to-have, then that’s somebody you want to go and really prospect, and you want to focus a lot of time and attention on, and give them value over and above any of what you might see as your normal marketing, because that’s somebody that’s going to be an ideal client.

Once you have that ideal client, you could start to move all of your targeting to that. If you’re building Facebook audiences, you could move to that narrowly defined ideal client. All of your ads should be speaking to that ideal client.

It’s okay to have multiple ideal clients, but once you have those, they need to really be the basis for all of your language, all of your website copy, all of the ads, so that you are clearly articulating the problem that that ideal client has, and how you’re uniquely suited to solve that problem.

When you do that and when you make the basis that strategy of defining an ideal client the basis of all of your marketing, guess what?

You get to choose who you want to work with. That will make life a whole lot better.