Digital Marketing News: Gen Z’s Snapchat Love, LinkedIn’s GIFs, & Google Gets More Time

Digital Marketing News: Gen Z’s Snapchat Love, LinkedIn’s GIFs, & Google Gets More Time

Digital Marketing News: Gen Z’s Snapchat Love, LinkedIn’s GIFs, & Google Gets More Time

Snapchat Remains Teens’ Favorite Social Platform, Instagram Their Top Marketing Channel
Snapchat has remained the top social platform among teens, who also see Instagram as the best way for brands to communication with them, according to Piper Jaffray’s latest semi-annual “Talking Stock with Teens” survey. MarketingCharts


LinkedIn Teamed Up With Tenor to Add GIFs to Its Messaging
A feature allowing the use of animated GIF images has begun rolling out to LinkedIn users, the latest in a series of changes to add more fun to the business-oriented social platform. AdWeek

Google, Others Cut Into Facebook Share Of Consumer Time
Google’s properties including YouTube have grown more popular among U.S. adults than Facebook, with both taking up a greater share of consumer time than the properties of Verizon, Amazon, Snapchat, and Twitter, according to recently-released January 2018 Nielsen ratings data. MediaPost

Native Advertising Growth Projected to Slow
Native advertising spending growth among U.S. marketers will continue at a slower rate, less than half of the 64 percent figure seen in 2016, according to new eMarketer report data on the ads, which imitate the look of surrounding content. Wall Street Journal

Only 3% Of Marketers Deem MRC Video ‘Viewability” A Reasonable Standard
Just three percent of brand marketers see the current Media Rating Council’s (MRC) video viewability standard — which determines what is counted as a viewable impression — to be reasonable, according to recently-released survey information. MediaPost

62% of B2B marketers see video as priority format, finds LinkedIn study
62 percent of B2B marketers polled by LinkedIn feel that content creators should favor video among all platforms, ahead of email, infographics, and traditional social media creative material. The Drum

PiperJaffray Spring 2018 Taking Stock With Teens Statistics Image

What marketers need to know about Facebook’s updated Business Tools Terms
Facebook’s decision to apply the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards worldwide means an update to a number of the firm’s business tool definitions and accompanying terminology for marketers. Marketing Land

Google launches Enterprise Dialogflow chatbot platform out of beta
Google has launched its smart chatbot platform for businesses — Dialogflow Enterprise Edition — offering the ability to build artificial intelligence-based processing systems for customer service agents, virtual assistants, and other AI-infused support capabilities. VentureBeat

Ad tech streams into audio
Streaming audio providers are increasingly turning to new marketing methods for audio advertising technology that take advantage of smart speakers and voice search, and with digital audio ad revenue topping $1.1 billion in 2016 and growing 42 percent during the first half of 2017, creative targeting is abundant. AdAge

AR Drawings Can Now Be Added to Videos in Facebook Stories
Facebook will roll out augmented reality (AR) drawing features for videos within its Facebook Camera offering, the company announced, a potential new promotional tool for marketers. AdWeek


The New Yorker Daily Cartoon: Thursday, April 5th, 2018

A lighthearted look at Facebook’s recent travails by Jeremy Nguyen — The New Yorker

Researchers Find New Malware Designed To Make ATMs Spit Out Cash — The Onion

Facebook Adds Ability to Tip Live Streamers to Mobile Apps — Variety


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  • LinkedIn (client) — Serving it Hot: Pro Tips to Make Marketing on LinkedIn Easy — MarTechSeries
  • Lee Odden — 3 Reasons You Need to Attend Content Marketing Conference 2018 — WriterAccess

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Digital Marketing News: Gen Z’s Snapchat Love, LinkedIn’s GIFs, & Google Gets More Time |

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Pro #Marketing Tips For Growing Your E-Commerce #Website

E-commerce has given businesses of all sizes the potential to expand to a global audience. Via a well-crafted online marketing campaign, you can scream from the virtual rooftops about your brand to a potential audience of millions. The difficulty is that …

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Contribute to our Big List of National Small Business Week 2012 Events

National Small Business Week runs from April 29 to May 5, 2018.

As a co-sponsor of the event, Small Business Trends (SBT) is putting together a Big List of events and offers of interest to the small business community in commemoration of this week set aside to celebrate U.S small businesses.

If you are taking part in the week-long celebration by hosting an event to go along with National Small Business Week 2018, please let us know and we’ll share your event with our community.

The event can be anything from special promotions and sales to commemorate the week, to live or online events. The goal is to support fellow small business owners with valuable information so they can continue to grow.

You can also take a look at the U.S. Small Business Administration site for more information and additional events here.

The Big List will be updated until the National Small Business Week 2018 takes place, so make sure you get in touch with us as soon as possible by emailing your information at


Featured Events, Contests and Awards

Big List of National Small Business Week 2018 Events
April 26 2018, Online

National Small Business Week is fast approaching. The annual event is being held from April 29 through May 5, 2018. And we know there are lots of special events to celebrate the week.

This year, again, Small Business Trends has the honor and distinction of being a co-sponsor of the event.

So, we’re putting together a Big List of National Small Business Week events and offers. This list will reach small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country on the Small Business Trends website. Share your event.

DigiMarCon East 2018 - Digital Marketing ConferenceDigiMarCon East 2018 – Digital Marketing Conference
May 10, 2018, New York, New York

DigiMarCon East 2018 Digital Marketing Conference takes place May 10th to 11th, 2018 at the luxurious New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York City.
It’s the one digital marketing event you can’t afford to miss! Whether your goal is to reinforce customer loyalty, improve lead generation, increase sales, or drive stronger consumer engagement, DigiMarCon East 2018’s agenda will help attendees enhance their marketing efforts. Sessions will focus on building traffic, expanding brand awareness, improving customer service and gaining insight into today’s latest digital tools. Register today!

WEBINAR: Small Business Doesn’t Mean Small Security: 3 Major Threats You Need to CombatWEBINAR: Small Business Doesn’t Mean Small Security: 3 Major Threats You Need to Combat
May 16, 2018, Online

Data breaches, inventory shrinkage, theft, oh my. On average, data breaches cost $3.62 million per breach and stolen customer data costs $141 per record. And inventory shrinkage in the United States is a $60 billion a year problem. Believe it or not, your business exists within both of those realities. Do you know who is accessing your most valuable assets and sensitive information? Do you know what your employees do when you are not physically onsite? On May 16, 2018, at 2PM ET join Nicki Saffell, Senior Security Consultant at Brivo, Sara Polon, Owner of Soupergirl, a DC area small business, and Anita Campbell, Founder and CEO of Small Business Trends, for a discussion on these challenges and discover modern ways to combat these threats – including electronic access control.

TECHSPO Houston 2018TECHSPO Houston 2018
June 06, 2018, Houston, Texas

TECHSPO Houston 2018 is a 2-day technology expo which takes place JUNE 6 – 7, 2018 at the luxurious Houston Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel in Houston, Ontario. TECHSPO Houston brings together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and evangelists looking to set the pace in our advanced world of technology. TECHSPO Houston 2018 promises to be better than ever and we’re excited to see all the amazing tech companies and talent that will join us. Register today!

Growth & Success ConGrowth & Success Con
September 17, 2018, Online

This small business virtual conference is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs at all stages who are stuck in the daily grind of building their businesses and struggle to get solid advice and guidance. An amazing panel of experts in various disciplines and business coaches will share tips & tricks on topics including Growth, Marketing, Management & Business Building for Success. Register today!

More Events

More Contests

This weekly listing of small business events, contests and awards is provided as a community service by Small Business Trends and SmallBizTechnology.

Photo via Shutterstock

This article, “Contribute to our Big List of National Small Business Week 2012 Events” was first published on Small Business Trends

7 Financial Services #Marketing #Ideas That Improve the Customer Experience

From a marketing perspective, if your firm is sending out generic … customer experience levels over time to ensure your teams are making progress. If your website is not optimized for mobile, you could be turning away a majority of your web traffic …

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How to Reliably Use LinkedIn Groups to Generate Leads for Your Business

Social media is an important tool for every small business owner. Social media websites can be more than just a platform for posting company updates and tweeting out deals. Other, less-known features such as LinkedIn Groups can also be a valuable tool.

Carrie Dunham, owner of the Carrie Dunham handbag and accessory line, asked the community how to generate leads through LinkedIn Groups: “I am curious how others use social media and social networks to generate leads. I used to like LinkedIn Answers and Groups, but they got rid of Answers and they just released their new navigation and groups are being buried. Seems like they are moving to being just your online resume and helping people find jobs. Social media is important, but I am just getting my feet wet.”

We spoke with experts and outlined the steps to generating leads on LinkedIn Groups. [Interested in social media management? Check out our best picks]

1. Join the right LinkedIn Groups.

The first step to creating leads from LinkedIn Groups is finding and joining a group full of potential customers. To do that, you should decide who your ideal client is. Once you know who you want to market and sell your product to, find a group the caters to that community.

“Using that profile, go to the groups that have a large number of individuals as members,” said Bill Corbett, Jr., president of Corbett Public Relations. “For example, if you want to market to accountant groups, you go to accountant groups. To effectively convert sales, you have to be in a target-rich environment.”

2. Gain trust, create relationships and paint yourself as an industry leader.

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to promote your business and build your community online. By using groups correctly, you can establish yourself has an industry leader and expert. This sends people to your LinkedIn profile and to your company’s page. 

“Groups are significant part of developing your expertise, your personal and/or business brand, and your community…which then can translate into leads as well as network,” said Bernadette Boas, CEO at Ball of Fire, Inc. to the community. “But you have to be purposeful, genuine and contribute value to those discussions.”

It’s important not to come off as too pushy by only sharing ads for your business. Instead, share content that is valuable to the people in the group and answer questions. Doing this drives profile views and inbound connection requests, Corbett said.

“You want to be a giver and share relevant information that will allow those within the group to grow, develop a business and become more effective at what they do,” Corbett told “Do not post ads or aggressively solicit members of the group – get to know them first, build a rapport and then identify those that are potentially interested in your products and services.”

Matthew Mercuri, partnership specialist at Broadsign, also recommends being active in LinkedIn Groups by answering questions.

“It’s a good idea to have thorough, well-researched and well-reasoned answers with a ton of evidence or personal experience,” he said. “One-liners won’t suffice. The time you put in to answer those questions tend to develop into actual relationships.” 

3. Connect and communicate with potential customers.  

Once you are engaging with people in the LinkedIn Group and creating relationships, ask them to connect. Because you are in the same group, you become a second-level connection with everyone in the group, which makes it easier.

After you create a connection, you can start communicating with them directly through LinkedIn messaging and share information such as ideas, growth strategy support and teaching them about your product and services, Corbett said. This is also the time to learn about their needs and pain points.

“When the time is right, set-up a call or meeting… and see if there is an opportunity for a sale or a relationship with a referral source or just an ally,” he said. 

For more information about how to use LinkedIn for business, read this guide on our sister site Business News Daily.

#Video Killed the Radio Star; Content #Marketing Revived It

And as my grandfather would have been excited to see, far from being dead, radio is seeing a resurgence as it evolves alongside content marketing. You might assume in our web-saturated age that radio has gone the way of the dinosaurs, but the reality is …

Chris Brown – New Flame (Explicit Version) ft. Usher, Rick Ross


Five Tips to Help You Level-Up Headlines and Titles

Get your readers past the headline and into the content with these helpful tips for leveling-up your headline game. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

The State of Healthcare Content Marketing

Some 83% of healthcare organizations are now engaging in content marketing, and an additional 14% plan to start engaging this year, according to recent research from True North Custom and Healthcare Insight. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

When Building a Team From Scratch, These Tools Can Help Ease the Process

One of the most difficult tasks a new startup faces is building its team. Even if you have business partners, you’ll eventually have to bring more people on board to help you grow and scale. 

Finding and hiring the right people can be a difficult task for companies of any size, but luckily, the right technology can make the process a lot easier. We asked a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members to share their favorite tools for recruiting, hiring and onboarding. Their best answers are below.

1. Trello

Trello quickly became our go-to software for managing our hiring process. It has made a very complex process simple to manage. We simply create a board for each position and each candidate is a card. We attach resumes, take notes after interviews and create custom fields such as salary expectations in each card. Cards are then moved into a column, which indicates the step in the hiring process. – Diego Orjuela, Cables & Sensors


I am a sucker for working with college kids, so I have always used I want to be able to build the skills early on and develop a person through their journey. This is a great way to find top talent from colleges that want to develop their skills. Sometimes I may want an expert, and in this case, I would use a tool like LinkedIn to help me find the type of talent I need. A simple job post goes a long way. – Sweta Patel, Silicon Valley

3. Remote Job Sites

We find the best talent on remote job sites because top talent is located worldwide, not in one specific city. Some of the sites we use to find the best talent are, and – Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

4. AngelList

As AngelList has grown in users, its functionality has placed the site in the hiring and recruiting industry. And frankly, it’s one of the best systems there is. It’s simple to publish an opportunity and to list attributes you’re looking for. From there, candidates can apply in a Tinder-esque fashion. If the two parties match, then you can then set up an interview and manage the hiring funnel. – Logan Lenz, PartsMarket

5. BrightMove

I’ve used BrightMove and have had pretty good luck with it. It’s not free, but it’s cheap and allows us to easily manage potential candidates through the hiring process. – Ben Landis, Fanbase

6. Workable

PCRecruiter is a very strong ATS system that allows us to navigate the hiring process, but if you are not a recruiting firm and would like something that is a little less costly, you can use Workable. A lot of my clients use this as their internal ATS and really like it. Workable is a great system to streamline the application process and manage the candidates in process. – Sarah Yeverovich, Empowered Staffing

7. Gusto

We use Gusto to help us with HR paperwork and staying compliant. It’s a one-stop hub for new employees to add their direct deposit information, read over company guidelines and sign up for benefits. – Syed Balkhi, OptinMonster

8. Recruiterbox

Of the different products in the market, and there are many, we like using Recruiterbox. It’s a freemium model, so it was easy to try. It allows you to track an applicant through the various stages of the interview process, read notes that others have left and assign to the next person on the team who needs to interview the candidate. – Fan Bi, Menswear Reviewed

9. Zoom

Since we operate a fully remote company, we have to rely on tools like Zoom to interview the candidates face to face. We like Zoom over other tools because they are reliable and give you the ability to record a meeting. – Jared Atchison, WPForms

10. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is probably one of the best places to go when building a team from scratch. It’s more of an aggregator website, where your job postings are eventually listing on plenty of other job boards. So the reach you can take advantage of is one of the best benefits. There’s also a free trial if you want to simply test it out. – Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

11. Google Drive

Managing a hiring process properly starts when you first receive a resume. That, along with an offer letter, a non-disclosure agreement, a proprietary information and inventions assignment, a non-compete (if permitted) and any other onboarding docs, need to be kept organized and in one place — not scattered through email chains. You also need to keep detailed records of performance reviews and disciplinary action. If you already use G Suite for email, you’ve got a built-in tool with Google Drive that makes managing and sharing that information with the appropriate parties easy. – Tim Chaves, ZipBooks Accounting Software

12. Spark Hire

In the early days of your company, time is of the essence. Spark Hire is a critical tool during your launch, as it saves a Founder valuable time by conducting one-way video interviews for potential screened candidates. – Jennifer Mellon, Trustify

13. Gantt Charts

The key to successful team building is a tight operational process from recruiting all the way through onboarding. Using a Gantt chart to run a consistent process for each role, one for hiring and one for onboarding, allows you be thoughtful and purposeful while also leveraging a free tool. – Jonathan Gass, Nomad Financial

14. Shapr

Shapr is essentially “Tinder for networking,” and we’ve leveraged it very effectively to hire early employees. The people you meet tend to be in the tech/startup world, since they’re using a mobile app to network. Because of this, they are often open to the less conventional compensation structure an early startup is able to provide. – Dan Spalter, Circle for Roommates

15. Zenefits

Onboarding is perhaps the most complex aspect of the hiring process, and Zenefits eliminates most of the paperwork associated with benefits, 401(k)s, and human resources. – Sam Saxton, Paragon Stairs

These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. YEC has also launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

Day Three From Oracle Modern Customer Experience

The final Day of Modern Customer Experience has come to a close, but not without an energy all its own. On this day, the keynotes focused on what happens when customer experience works: customer advocacy.

“What are you going to do to turn them into raving fans?”- Catherine Blackmore

First, Shashi Seth sat down with the CEO of Duel, Paul Archer, who talked about how trying to break world records with his friends turned into a lesson in customer advocacy and brand loyalty. Archer literally drove a cab from London to Australia (and further) to break the record for the longest taxi ride (of course). Along the journey he picked up friends, fans and sponsorship, that inspired him to create a company that mobilizes customer loyalty as a marketing engine. “Our dream is to reframe the way the people think about their customer and for every CMO to create a customer advocacy budget in every brand,” says Archer with an infectious passion for marketing and customer advocacy.

Next, Oracle’s GVP of Customer Success, Catherine Blackmore, took to the stage to discuss the psychology of fandom and how that relates to customer advocacy. She brought up Fanatics’ VP of Fan Experience, Carolyne Matseshe-Crawford, who addressed how rethinking their brand and their customer experience has made fans out of fans. Since coming to the company in the summer of 2017, Matseshe-Crawford has driven a massive effort in creating brand loyalty and customer service that is something to talk about. “Fans are passionate about our brand, fans become a part of our team,” said Matseche-Crawford of Fanatics loyal customers.   

To close the final keynotes, journalist and author of How to Make a Spaceship: A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of a Private Spaceflight, Julian Guthrie, took to the stage to share the story of a few men and women that laughed in the face of “impossible”. These brave trailblazers did “what you can’t” and built the first reusable rocket ship, pioneering the path to galactic tourism. Guthrie instilled a sense of possibility that marketers could take with them on the final day of Modern CX.

Final sessions

Oracle’s Austin Miller and Tony Castiglione hosted a B2C general session that focused on what AI technologies will allow marketers to master in this sector. “The goal at Oracle is to create data-driven, individualized CX,” said Castiglione, emphasizing that better data fuels improved CX in a cyclical manner. Ryan Deutsch from Oracle’s partner, Persado, discussed how his company is using machine learning to derive content that befits the individual customer. Deutsch then introduced, Justin Kurt and Sandra Taylor from Sears to chat about how they have implemented Oracle solutions at the company to activate “data-driven emotional responses”.

Back in the Smarter CX theater in the Exhibition Hall, influencer and self-proclaimed millennial, Brian Fanzo hosted a session that touched on the “Millennial Mindset” and how generational collaboration will pave the path to future success. “It is not about the year you were born, but your ability to embrace change,” says Fanzo. An apt way to end a conference that has whole-heartedly delved into the evolving role of the marketer in the age of technology and exponentially rising customer expectations.

We want to thank all the attendees, partners, sponsors, and Oracle employees who helped make this conference a #ModernCX to remember, we could not have done it without you. Can’t wait to see you all again next year!

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The Weeknd – Call Out My Name (Official Video)


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YouTube ads found on extremist content channels, reigniting company’s brand safety issues

Just over a year ago, multiple brands boycotted YouTube’s ad network after discovering their ads were being displayed alongside extremist content.

The post YouTube ads found on extremist content channels, reigniting company’s brand safety issues appeared first on Marketing Land.

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