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10 Simple Mortgage Application Tips for Self-Employed Home Buyers

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Here’s Every State Offering the Extra $300 Per Week in Unemployment

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Remember Your Home Ec Class? 5 Lessons You Can Use Today

Remember your home economics class?

Well, it’s time to dust off those homemaking skills you learned in high school — or get ready to take notes if you never had this core class. You may not have realized it at the time, but what you learned in home ec can benefit your financial life, especially now that we’re spending so much more time at home.

Here are five skills from home ec class you can use to save money or earn some extra cash right now.

1. Cooking

Eating out or ordering takeout several times a week gets costly. That’s why it’s good to hone some of those cooking skills from home ec.

If you prep multiple meals ahead of time, you can save time and you won’t feel tempted to pull into your nearest drive-thru on busy nights. Just make sure you don’t fall for meal-prep pitfalls that could cost you more money, like buying special containers or using too many ingredients.

Armed with some culinary skills, you’ll have another option for hanging out with friends that doesn’t include spending a day’s pay dining out. Try planning a Zoom pie-baking competition or hosting a socially-distant driveway dinner party instead.

Knowing how to cook doesn’t just help you cut back on your expenses. You can use this skill to make money too. If you’re a good cook, consider starting a food business from home — for example, baking cakes for special occasions or selling homemade jam on Etsy.

2. Sewing

A torn seam, broken belt loop or a missing button is no excuse to go out and spend money on new clothes or even pay for alterations — that is, if you have some sewing skills.

If you slept through those lessons from home ec, look up some beginner sewing tutorials on YouTube.

Basic sewing skills can also come in handy if you’re trying to save money on cloth face masks or pull together a last-minute Halloween costume for your kid. If you really develop your talents, you can join the slow fashion movement and start making your own clothes.

You can also make money off your handmade wares on sites like Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

3. Gardening

Growing your own fruits and vegetables means you can enjoy organic produce without the organic price tags.

Gardening may not technically mean free food (depending on your startup and maintenance costs), but there are ways to do it for less. You can start a garden on a budget by using fallen leaves as mulch, composting at home and upcycling containers to grow your plants in. Instead of buying seeds, use your kitchen scraps to regrow vegetables.

4. Child Care

If your home economics class gave you an introduction to caring for babies and children, tap into that training to develop a side gig as a babysitter or nanny.

This could be an occasional money-making pursuit, or you could earn a steady income as a part-time or full-time nanny. Caring for more than one child will give you higher returns on your time investment.

Right now, lots of families are choosing not to send their kids back to school in-person, so they’re creating e-learning “pods” with their neighbors and friends. You could earn some extra money by watching a few students each day or tutoring them online.

5. Managing Your Money

Sadly, money management isn’t taught in enough schools around the country. If you were one of the lucky ones who learned how to write a check and balance your checkbook in school — congrats! Lean on that knowledge to stay on top of your monthly bills and expenses.

But if you missed out on learning personal finance basics in school, you might not have known how big of a deal your credit score is and why it’s important to keep tabs on it.

Your credit score plays an essential role in any big purchase you want to make — whether that’s a home or a car.

So if you’re looking to get your credit score back on track — or even if it is on track and you want to bump it up — try using a free website called Credit Sesame.

Within two minutes, you’ll get access to your credit score, any debt-carrying accounts and a handful of personalized tips to improve your score. You’ll even be able to spot any errors holding you back (one in five reports have one).

James Cooper, of Atlanta, used Credit Sesame to raise his credit score nearly 300 points in six months.* “They showed me the ins and outs — how to dot the I’s and cross the T’s,” he said.

Want to check for yourself? It’s free and only takes about 90 seconds to sign up.

*Like Cooper, 60% of Credit Sesame members see an increase in their credit score; 50% see at least a 10-point increase, and 20% see at least a 50-point increase after 180 days.

Credit Sesame does not guarantee any of these results, and some may even see a decrease in their credit score. Any score improvement is the result of many factors, including paying bills on time, keeping credit balances low, avoiding unnecessary inquiries, appropriate financial planning and developing better credit habits.

Nicole Dow is a senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. Kari Faber contributed to this article.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, which helps millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more. The Inc. 5000 ranked The Penny Hoarder as the fastest-growing private media company in the U.S. in 2017.

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Options Trading: Buying and Selling Calls & Puts for Hedging & Profit

As markets become more turbulent and investors are seeking ways to protect profits or perhaps enhance them, call and put options are rising in popularity in an unprecedented manner.  Of course, investors are much more likely to shoot themselves in the foot, than do anything productive when it comes to “calls” and “puts” – but…The post Options Trading: Buying and Selling Calls & Puts for Hedging & Profit appeared first on Million Dollar Journey.

The 10 Best Cities for Refinancing a Mortgage in 2020

The post The 10 Best Cities for Refinancing a Mortgage in 2020 appeared first on The Simple Dollar.

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Foundation Financial Group

Gigi Hadid Says She's "So in Love" After Welcoming Baby Girl With Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid, Zayn MalikGigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are parents!
The 25-year-old supermodel and the 27-year-old former One Direction star welcomed their first child together over the weekend. The couple took to…

I’m A Homeschooling Newbie––Here’s What Is Working For Us So Far

So I chose to homeschool during the pandemic. Great , now what?

I was in the same boat with most parents this past summer: send them to school or keep them home? It sure as hell was NOT an easy decision. By going to preschool, our daughter would have gained so much socially and academically( expression, math, etc .). Not to mention, I was looking forward to having a little bit of more” momma go .”

But as much as we wanted her to go to school, we felt it best to keep her home. I would just put on another hat and become Teacher Mom .. Really how hard could it be, right? I didn’t want to waste a school year because she wasn’t going to school, per se. I became it a mission to teach her relatively the same things she would have learned in school this year.

Listen, I’m not here to adjudicate other moms’ decisions. Each one of you obliged the best decision for your family, as I did mine. I merely want to share my homeschooling experience thus far and hope it helps other newbies who chose to homeschool.

My daughter would have been in the “readiness” level at the school, which is a mix of preschool and kindergarten curriculum. So my first step was to figure out what the heck to school her. I preferred basic math, science, writing, and read a the core topics, and I would touch on time and coin. Of trend we can’t forget arts and crafts. Our daughter wanted to learn French and Violin simply because I do them, so I meditated “why not? ” Worse case scenario, she terminates up not liking it, and we just figure out some other interests for her.

After creating a “learning space” in our home and figuring out what I was going to teach, I had to figure out how I was going to educate it. I needed to get some textiles. One carton accumulation near me tends to have a selection of teaching tools that are relatively inexpensive, especially at the beginning of the year. For teaching tools year-round, I was surprised to find that my regional dollar collect has a nice little pick as well. I did buy most things online, because, well, there’s a pandemic going on.

So here’s what I picked.( Caveat: If you can’t afford to buy this much stuff, homeschooling can work just as well for you. These are just some things I’ve seen helpful .)

Workbooks. I got one of those thick-skulled ones that cover a lot of different topics, and got a couple of those smaller ones that cover one subject. I precisely espouse the level I felt was right. I was able to find immense free printable worksheets online that work just as well. The only downfall with printable worksheets is they’re a little more work on my intent since I have to search for worksheets for every subject for each day.

Puzzles. My daughter enjoys putting dilemmas together, so I got a few educational ones. ABC and number ones are great for starting from scratch. I too noticed list problems where they parallel the numeral to the correct number of objects. I got some math dilemmas where she has to gave it together to finish the math equation. Spelling baffles are great too, since she’s beginning to read. I likewise got some just for fun dilemmas that relate to a subject in some way.

Dry erase timbers and records. A white-hot timber is a must because I can write on it and labors as a daily docket and schedule. It’s too magnetic, so I can put up magnetic symbols, amounts, influences, or whatever. Individual white cards are a fun way to practice writing other than worksheets. What kid doesn’t like to use markers? We too have a couple of baked delete notebooks which are excellent for practise symbol marking on the go.

Books. They have fun notebooks for learning any subject, and in the past I entirely didn’t drop a lot of coinage either. Prior to COVID, I always went to see my local library’s book sale and got a wide variety of educational notebooks on the cheap. Of route, let’s not forget the option of plain age-old borrowing from the library. I don’t worry if a book is “too advanced” for my child to understand. I restate the subject so she can understand. The place is to introduce the subject. She find it interesting even with my paraphrasing. Plus, mama learns as well: a win-win situation.

auto credit v1MoMo Make/ Getty

Local institutes. Once again our local library is a superb source. Our library offers homeschool categories for different age group. It even offers homeschool containers/ equipment that can be checked out for different age groups, which are pretty cool. Our local zoo and museums render castes( sometimes free, sometimes not) for homeschooling. Of trend, this does appear a bit different these days, but some lieu still offer castes, even virtual. In the past, I did have our daughter engaged in she loved it.

Apps. As a modern mummy, appropriate screen period seems to always be up for debate. My mulled is that if we’re going to do screen time, they may as well be learning something. I acquired some immense memorize apps that are completely free, and a few cases with a low one-time fee. No was important that, though, I ever scope out the app myself prior to having my daughter play it. This acces I can see whether or not it’s suitable.

Kits and due chests. I. Love. Learning. Paraphernalia. They come with everything I could possibly need for the lessons. Easy peasy. We have a preschool science kit that came with beakers, flasks, teachings, and a cute lab hair and refer tag so two daughters can dress up like a scientist. It was a huge hit and she keeps asking if we can do more ventures. Subscription boxes are basically packages that come on a regular basis. I’ve check a lot of different subscription containers out there that cover all sorts of different themes for different age groups. I haven’t personally tried one yet; however, I do have my seeing on one that specializes in STEM acts for all age groups, even starting as infants. If it starts learning fun, why not?

Montessori number beads. For preschoolers, these certainly are exceptional. So they match up the necklace filament with the relevant symbol. The beads yield a really great visual on how large or small a number is and they help my daughter internalize the crowd versus precisely to acknowledge numerals based on site.

Wooden word strands. These are really helpful for novice readers. We’ve induced fun play out of this. My daughter offsets the word on the filament and I write it on the board and she asks what it means. I’ll throw in silly explanations and she titters “No, that’s not right! ”

Activity box. We don’t call it school work, we call each theme an “activity.” It works for us because it’s fun. I locate all related documentation( books/ worksheets/ plays, etc .) into an “activity box.” Depending on the day’s subjects, I pull out one work at a time. My daughter witness this to be so much fun, at random durations she’ll ask if we can do an activity. Score.

So having the claim information was fine and dandy and procreated me feel educated, but boy was I wrong. The process of actually educating was very overwhelming at first. I throw a good deal of props to those moms who have been homeschooling for years. Keep in subconsciou, I’m homeschooling a preschooler, so I’m sure it’s a entire different life for schooling older kiddos. However, I did come up some key tips that have contributed to me tremendously 😛 TAGEND

Plan for the week.

I generally do Sunday nights for scheming out that weeks lessons. I try not to cover too much in one day, as that alone led to my daughter getting tired and unfocused. I had to stop that quick. So I spread the subjects out throughout the week and made the same core subjects every week, but button it up every other day and do different approaches. For example, I’ll do writing throughout the week, but one time it’ll be pencil detecting a symbol, next time it’ll be marking a decision but on a baked kill card. Other subjects I do a marry period a week. This type of simulateds the structure she would have had at school. I used to get mad at myself if we didn’t been through all of the activities in the week, but I learned to live with it. I adjust, strategy what we can get through for the most part and if we don’t get through everything, it’s OK. There’s ever next week.

Be repetition.

As a mummy and spouse, I flip-flop hate repeating myself; nonetheless, when schooling it’s a must. There are times when I feel like I’ve gone over something so many times in so many natures and I think it’s not capsizing in, but then one day it sounds and she gets it. I’m ever devastated with hilarity when this exists, because it’s so slaking to see her exultation when she understands a conception. Altogether awesome maudlin moment.

Launch a procedure.

Kids thrive on chore and knowing what they’ll be doing that day. Using a daily schedule, as well as a daily pocket graph demo the day’s topics, aids my kiddo tremendously. Otherwise I fall victim to the endless questioning of “what are we doing today? ” Yeah , no thanks.

Don’t is also difficult on yourself.

At first I was so hard on myself when my daughter didn’t understand something. I recalled there was something wrong with me or perhaps my child isn’t going to achieve. I know that reverberates foolish, but those foresees still scooted through my head. This was one of my mistakes while trying to educate reading back when she was three. I know it’s been done; nonetheless, she precisely wasn’t ready for reading just quite yet. I learned it’s okay if she doesn’t get it right away. It doesn’t mean she isn’t smart, or that I’m disappointing at learn. I had to pay more attention to her ascertain tempo and hinder to that. Pushing exclusively starts annoyance for both of us.

Have fun!

I have this opportunity to grow, learn and have fun with two daughters! I’m able to get inventive as a mother about schooling. For example, we’re going to start understand better each State, commencing with ours, Ohio. I had this idea to make candy Buckeyes since we’re the Buckeye State. Who knows, she might just end up picturing Buckeyes are only candies, but at least it’ll be yummy!

The post I’m A Homeschooling Newbie–Here’s What Is Working For Us So Far appeared first on Scary Mommy.

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The key to motivate employees, even when the going gets tough

The key to employee motivation, even when the going gets tough

When you gaze out over your squad, whether at the bureau or on a grid of video feeds from home, what do you check? Not their to-do rosters or deadlines or productivity stats. No, you investigate faces, looks, and attitudes.Sure, beings aren’t as easy to read as a spreadsheet or report, but one thing emotionally smart managers should ever try to gauge is how motivated their people are. Remember, reason levels aren’t pre-determined. They are the result of applying your managerial soft sciences, and motive is top among them.

Work on these 5 essential soft abilities to become a better motivator and develop your feeling intelligence as a supervisor

Download for free!


Image of the emotional intelligence guide

In this pole: Why employee motivating can be toughThe 2 main kinds of employee motivationHow to cause works the right wayEmployee incitement during times of changeManager special: Motivating yourself

Why hire motivation can be tough right now

Things have changed. Strategies, work processes and team dynamics have been affected. We’re all adjust to new worlds. Things that hindered us caused at the role we may not have at home. Everyone is living in different circumstances. Some are revelling in remote manipulate, while others are feeling lonely or needing to manage parenting and labor at the same time. This can influence you, the manager, as much as anyone on your squad. And it’s admittedly difficult to motivate when you’re not very caused yourself.

Officevibe Product shot engagement report

Before you jump into motivation solutions, it’s important to understand where everyone is on the motivation spectrum. Ask your employees how they’re feeling with our Officevibe surveys and feedback tool to track date. You’ll be able to see clearly where things are going well, and where they aren’t, while render a safe room for employees to share anonymous feedback. This will help you get important exchanges started, then you can build mixtures based on your findings.

Learn more about Officevibe

2 different kinds of motivation in the workplace

What does motivation entail in the context of work? Once upon a meter, the simple refute was the paycheck, but a study from Psychology Today reports that money graded far below other factors when it comes to employee motivation. The chassis speak for themselves 😛 TAGEND

Camaraderie, peer reason( 20%) Desire to do a good job( 17%) Feeling recognized( 13%) Having an impact( 10%) Growing professionally (8 %) Money( 7 %)

This doesn’t mean that fair compensation is not essential, it simply means that there’s a lot more to causing beings than jiggling a carrot. To get into this, let’s break down the idea of reason into two types: extrinsic incitement and intrinsic motive

2 different kinds of motivation in the workplace

1. Extrinsic motivation: causing works with external rewards

Money and rewards are the best precedent here. Someone does a task, and their occasion and vigor are then indirectly translated into monetary compensation. The problem with extrinsic motivators alone is that they don’t necessarily engage your employee more than the minimum required.

How do works am thinking about the extrinsic motivator of compensation?

Thanks to our OV data, “were having” some penetrations for overseers on compensation 😛 TAGEND

23% of employees don’t feel satisfied with the benefits their organization offers. of employees don’t feel satisfied with the benefits their organization offers.

44% of employees do not feel that they are paid fairly based on their skills, experience and efforts. of employees do not feel that they are paid fairly based on their skills, event and campaigns.

32% of employees don’t think that the way pay is decided is fair. of employees don’t think that the channel wage is decided is fair.

Learn more

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So, don’t bank on compensation alone to cause. You need a more profound tool in your motivational toolkit. Aside from fund, you can play around with more fun minds, like additional days off or a free lunch.

2. Intrinsic motivation: causing your employees with internal reinforces

Intrinsic motivation is about “ve got something” for its own sake — for the contentment of doing it, experiencing it, and receiving it doing well. There are many things you can do as a administrator to internally cause your employees to do their jobs with such gusto.

In work, intrinsic motivating comes from:

Getting involved in the decision-making process Seeing the impact of one’s work in a bigger pictureBeing able to learn and stretch while workingEnjoying the work and caring for your teamBeing able to do what you adoration and hone in on your concentrations

When you put your best efforts into fundamentally causing your employees, you substantiate you care and are all-in to see them develop under your leadership.

6 ways to motivate your employees in their day-to-day

Keeping your employees caused every day is a full-time job. Before we explore some concrete things you can do on a day-to-day basis, let’s lay down the high-level following principles hire motivating 😛 TAGEND

6 ways to motivate your employees in their day-to-day People need a sense of involvement in defining their the responsibilities and preparing goals, People need to see how they’re individual contributions have an impact, People need to know they have the freedom and autonomy to experiment, andPeople need to feel a sense of commitment to their team and to you, the manager.

Now are some good tips-off to keep in mind when applying intrinsic incitement.

1. Inspire a sense of purpose

Everyone on your squad needs to feel a sense of purpose in the big picture and to see how their individual exertions help your team get there. Working personally with each employee to define their roles and set their goals is a great motivator. This also dedicates them the chance to reflect on their strengths and map out where they’d like to improve.

Tip: With a new hire, ask them to write up a job description , not of the number of jobs they think they’ve been hired for, but of the dream responsibility they want. Then see how you two can make it a reality together.

2. Offer autonomy and the freedom of the media to miscarry

You need to allow your employees the infinite to be artistic, to try new comings, and even flunk. These are great learning experiences. More importantly, granting autonomy( especially during remote times when overseers may unknowingly turn to micromanaging) demonstrates that you trust them, a true intrinsically causing force.

Tip: Thomas Edison formerly said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 roads that won’t work.” Why not give an Edison Award — recognition for the most interesting or educative nature something didn’t work, and then share learnings for next time. It’ll take the edge off of not-succeeding, encouraging people to get creative.

3. Make work a place to grow

A sure way to cause employees is when their hassle causes them do more than what their basic title prescribes. When work offers opportunities to develop one’s skills and learn new ones, employees know that their efforts will pay off in ways more valuable than merely a salary.

Tip: Encourage employees to take time outside their day-to-day tasks to learn something new: a coding usage or even soft-skill training like public speaking, then share their new the expertise and understands with the team.

4. Build connection with works

It’s nice to see that 84% of employees from our Officevibe data feel like they’re part of a team. When works care about their team and their manager, they’re more motivated to work hard for their sakes.Considering the times we’re in, affinities are key to coming buy in for change. If you need to communicate a new approach, change in direction, or sticky news to your unit, they will receive it better because they confidence and care for you.

How to cause hires during times of change and hesitation

Here are some articles of advice and actionable tips to help you transition to the work-from-home era without losing any motivational steam.

This is a must: stop communication courses open

Keeping communication clear, authentic and constant is key to procuring your team’s continual buy-in for possible modifications: transformation approaches, plans, crew organization, procedures, etc. People appreciate being kept in the loop and feeling part of the decisions that are made.

Tip: Hold a “What’s New” meeting regularly that’s short and to the point: Have there been any alterations your unit should know about?

Be reassuring, but likewise reasonable

Find the balance between taking the time to reassure employees and answer their questions, but also be real with them. If things aren’t going well for the business, don’t sugar coat it, but do explain it to them. People want to understand the reality they are in, and feel caused when they are included in finding the solution.

Keep your gaze on the reward, but including information on their feelings

Informal and regular one-on-one congregates shouldn’t stop time because you can no longer grab a chocolate together. Keep up with everyone individually to see how they’re faring at home without their squad and peers. Take this time to be open about how you want to be a better motivator. Listen to each individual’s take on what motivates them. You might be surprised at some of the answers you get.

Try asking 😛 TAGEND

“What kind of workdays do you most looked forward to receiving? ”“Which way do you prefer to be informed of difficult news? ”“What makes a task exciting to you? ”“What makes a task difficult to begin? ”

Recognize little earns, and make it meaningful

When you recognize a job to do, that’s intrinsic motivating at work. It should be timely and specific , not broad-minded statements on everyone’s work over an unspecified period of time. Right now however, 40% of employees in Officevibe don’t feel recognized fairly by their directors. Extremely during these more trying times, hires need to be appreciated for their contributions, even if they’re not making the bullseye of your original objectives. Let people know you assure them doing their best.

Work on these 5 indispensable soft knowledge going to be a better motivator and develop your feelings intellect as a supervisor

Download for free!


Image of the emotional intelligence guide

Managers need motivation too

Motivation is a double-edged sword for administrators. You keep your team caused, but who’s motivating you? A bunch of administrators we’ve spoken with are especially worried about staying caused in times of remote exertion. You’re only human, so don’t be hard on yourself, but do ensure you have the same support you’re handing out.

Talk to managers from your busines or others. See how they’re holding up and what they’re doing to motivate themselves and their crew. Ask your team to share their favourite managerial moments with you, the times when you most has enabled them keep going and propagandized them to demolish their goals. Keep doing that.Let your boss know what you need from them to stay motivated, whether it’s more clarity, more frequent touchpoints, or more acceptance. To be a good manager for your unit, ensure you have a good relationship with yours too.Mostly importantly, take the guesswork out of wondering how your crew is feeling and how they feel you’re doing as a manager. Keep strands of communication open with Officevibe’s insightful the investigations and anonymous feedback tool. Track metrics like Relationship with Manager, Job Satisfaction, and Happiness at Work every week so you know exactly what to put on your to-do list to keep your team hired.

Remember, your team’s performance is a reflection of yours and vice versa. And it’s motivation that purposes now as a positive feedback loop, starting you and your unit want to work harder for each other.

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What to buy/avoid: Three experts answer

Some of Dalal Street’s producing money overseers Navneet Munot, CIO, SBI MF, Nilesh Shah, MD, Kotak Mutual Fund and Anand Radhakrishnan, CIO, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, speaking at an online contest organised by IMC on various issues related to the markets and the economy. The chit-chat was moderated by Gautam Trivedi, co-founder of Nepean Capital. On GDP Falling, Grocery RisingAnand Radhakrishnan: The equity marketplace is wearing a doubled hat at this occasion. On one pas, it is looking at extremely short-term growth trends and on the other hand, it is looking at what can happen over the next 1-2 years. The initial fear in the first phase of lockdown was fear of the unknown. This led to striking response from both market participants as well as overseers of their own economies. I think there is still a long way to go for recovery. Embedded in the current optimism is the idea that a answer will be found for the present pandemic over a reporting period next 3 quarters and that is important to sustain the current optimism.Nilesh Shah: We have identified a lot of factors at play in the market. Valuation has expanded based on lower cost of capital, or lower return of capital in alternative assets. At the bottom of the pyramid, in penny assets, there is new investor money hasten in and based on our experience of the past it’s driven by spurts rather than fundamentals and the combined effects of various. If I was set to summarise, data is about the past and world markets is dismissing the future. Foreign Inflows amid Fed-induced Liquidity Navneet Munot: A huge part of the rally has to do with liquidity and program response that has been released. As the crisis is unprecedented, the response too has been unprecedented to say the least.$ 3 trillion has been printed in 3-4 months, buying a wide rectified of resources and making strong counseling that even if inflation lopes, we are not in a hurry to increase interest rates. And that is the case with virtually all other central bank in all countries of the world. On top of the fiscal stimulus. When you settled so much money in the system, there is a demand shock. You cannot consume much and fund reaches financial markets. That’s the reason all asset class — bails, equities, amber — are moving in tandem. Liquidity played a key role. This has also led to a large number of brand-new investors, relatively inexperienced ones coming into the equity market. All bull market begin on peak pessimism. Robinhood Traders and Mutual FundsNavneet Munot: The brand-new investors make money in the first phase of the market. But my feel is that over a period of time, they would realize that it’s better to spend time abroad and grant money to professional coin administrators. The long-term trend clearly suggests that. Nilesh Shah: Online brokerages are not our competitors. They will help us expand our investor cornerstone as they volunteer simplicity of investing and the mutual fund industry can draw lessons from them. All online brokerages are also distributors of mutual funds. Many of them responsibly kept mutual funds as gives to retail investors. Anand Radhakrishnan: I have one word of caution to most of the new people entering business — they cannot be called investors as many of them are merchants. The retail percentage of magnitude in the lockdown interval has gone up dramatically, is proposed that on a day-to-day basis, many of them are trading and not looking at it from an investment point of view. While at one hand, we can rejoice that more people are opening broking reports, we may be opening a problematic situation where people have additional season and can make a quick buck. We are seeing mid, small-minded and penny covers move up, intimating a gradual is built of retail trading mentality than investment mentality. Of track, at some stage this will have to change. Advice to Cash-strapped GovernmentAnand Radhakrishnan: Give big tax breaks for buying residences as currently what we are giving is extremely low and has been static for a long period of time. Home buying is a large driver of the economy including creation, mortgages and various dwelling makes. We are seeing an extremely bearish market in real estate properties and to revive housing, we need to give particular tax breaks. This may look like tax breaks initially but the work of work will more than sought compensation for lower taxes. That will help kickstart the economy and grant incomes to the government. Second is strategic divestment without worrying about tax revenues and not wanting to cut back on spend. Key option is to sell non-core financings and they were talking about taking LIC public but we see very little progress with a good deal of obstacles. Unless we procreate immediate progress, the government won’t be able to access monies in a manner which does not expand the deficit. Strategic divestment including divesting stake in government impounded organisations like SUUTI should help them buy buffer till the time tax revenues get buoyed. Government’s Weak Privatisation RecordNilesh Shah: We it is necessary monetise government resources so that we have money available for spending. Government has 9,404 properties under the Custodian of Enemy Property Act. This was acquired during the 1965 conflict with Pakistan. Pakistan did this on their slope and we did it on our line-up. Pakistan liquidated all dimensions in 1971. We are still 49 times behind them. These belongings were valued at Rs 1 lakh crore a few years back. Maybe this is the best time to remove encroachment, clear entitlement deficiency, liquidate these belongings and raise Rs 1 lakh crore to money your use. The second thing is to bring India’s savings from “tijori”( safe) to white economy. In the last 21 times, we have imported $ 376 billion of amber on a net import basis, eliminating amber jewellery exportation. We all know golden slipping becomes a reality. WGC imagines 25,000 tonnes of gold lies with Indian households, most of it is in safes and fruitless. Gold financing firms have made a small beginning in monetising it but we need to magnify that. If we can come out with a very interesting scheme, that will help. Sectors to Invest/ AvoidNavneet Munot: I imagine negative real proportions, falling difference between rental yield and mortgage pace and incapacity of developers to hold on to inventory and rates are pate lower and genuine expect will come back to residential real estate. I too expect NRI assets be coming, handed where resource expenditures are and interest rates are. There is a possibility there is revival of interest in residential real estate properties. A little longer term, data is new oil. Digital India is a reality. Indian are the largest buyers of data in the world. E-health, E-education, leisure have enormous potential. Chemicals and electronics have support from the government. Nilesh Shah: We believe there are two sectors where there are long-term growth openings namely chemicals and contract manufacturing. There are many companies that want to buy chemicals from India and now we are seeing longer term contracts coming to one company. We have encountered emergence of companies in consumer durables and consumer items like mattresses which were bought by world labels and distributed in India. Valuations are expensive but from a growing point of view, there is huge extent of rise. Contract manufacturing is a 20 -2 5-year-old raise storey acquiring authority does not intervene. Anand Radhakrishnan: Currently the most hated sector is fiscals. We have discovered expansion of financial services in 2018. We have shrinkage and big devastation of value after IL& FS and Yes Bank. The area is rapidly consolidating with strong going stronger and they will gain market share in 5-7 years with the weak being eliminated. Some NBFCs will never come back. This is a 4-5-year play. Hike in NPAs due to Covid and standstill slipping to NPA. If the hope of the economy is true, it will slip to small and medium-sized enterprises.

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