23 of the Most Inspiring and Motivational Cardi B Quotes

23 of the Most Inspiring and Motivational Cardi B Quotes

Cardi B has been at the highest level of her game for over a year by releasing multiple Number 1 single’s, having millions of followers on social media, and releasing her entry book in April 2018.

Her story is inspirational because she started off as a stripper prior to being in the lime-light. Her ability to continue to create viral chants along with having a dedicated following goes to show how enormous of an entrepreneur Cardi B indeed is. She has received several awardings including being on Time’s list of the 100 more influential people in countries around the world for 2018.

It’ll be arousing to watch Cardi B and ensure what she does next.

Below are 24 of “the worlds largest” exciting and motivational Cardi B quotes:

1. “I’m known for proving beings wrong. Remember that.”- Cardi B

2. “Knock me down 9 days, but I get up 10. ”- Cardi B

3. “Always have a goal, ever have a second plan.”- Cardi B

4. “Do what you do and make your own behavior.”- Cardi B

5. “I’m the rose that came from concrete.”- Cardi B

6. “I’m a boss in a hem, I’m a bird-dog, I’m a flirt.”- Cardi B

7.” My career takin’ off, these hoes jogging in place .”- Cardi B

8.” I be in and out them banks so much better, I know they’re tired of me .”- Cardi B

9. “Me: Unbothered, moisturized, in my footpath, well-hydrated, flourishing.”- Cardi B

10. “If you miss it, and the more you save listening you can’t have it, you just go and get it.”- Cardi B

11. “A lot of beings ever question,’ What else can she do, what else can she do ?’ And I’m going to show you.”- Cardi B

12. “I don’t care about anyone not liking me, you b ***** s barely like yourselves.”- Cardi B

13. “I’m livin’ my best life.”- Cardi B

14. “Ain’t no more beefing, I’m really keeping to myself. I’m my own competition, I’m playing with myself.”- Cardi B

15. “You merely learn as era passes.”- Cardi B

16. “Remain humble but stay thirsty.”- Cardi B

17. “Made a duet M’s with my best friends/ Turned all my L’s into lessons”- Cardi B

18. “If you say that you’re humble, you’re not humble. You gotta wait until mortal tells you that you’re humble.”- Cardi B

19. “I’m gonna be on a fund until the working day I die.”- Cardi B

20. “I’m simply a regular degular shmegular girlfriend from the Bronx.”- Cardi B

21. “Be careful with me. Yeah, it’s not security threats, it’s a warnin.”- Cardi B

22. “I don’t dance now, I make money moves.”- Cardi B

23. “I ain’t scare of s ***. I will always speak on how I feel I’ll be damn if renown and other people have me being a slave of my own thoughts.”- Cardi B

Which one of these Cardi B quotes reverberates most with you and why?

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